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[1: 1,557 of 10,000] Answering In Quora

In Review on August 13, 2015 at 3:01 PM

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I recently joined Quora and it is making me answer questions with real perspective, to answer with an open mind and clear intentions, and it’s like walking on a very thin ice because I am posting with my real name and even display a biography who I believe as to where my point of view is coming from. It’s a good practice to writing well too especially on disecting a question without having all the facts from the person asking the question; and I lay ground a possible path that tells a story and easy to follow.

A lot of the people there are educated and a lot of the questions there were answerable by a regular folk like me who couldn’t be acting foolishly as to not send the wrong advice. Online forum gives everyone the freedom to speak their mind, but it takes a decent person to post with the right amount of intelligence and humanity to not offend, to disagree respectfully, and to bring light of a solution.

I am careful that I only answer the questions that I can be certain that it is going to be helpful. Getting an “upvote” other than the person asking the question is my hope that I can inspire or enlighten someone new. Otherwise, it isn’t a spank to my ego that I “pass” or I do not reply to remarks that don’t encourage a healthy intellectual exchange. It is important for me that I am authentic, that I can walk my talk, and I am grateful that my answers give someone peace of mind.

I am putting myself in the front row and I consult that God gives me the right wisdom to say what I believe is good to the right person.

Are you a member of Quora? How was your experience?