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[1: 1,970 of 10,000] 10 Reasons Why I Love My New Dubai Apartment

In List on July 28, 2019 at 4:10 PM


It is really tiring moving from one apartment to another and this is my 5th apartment after living a decade in Dubai. I move almost every 2 years, it seems like a thing here, but this is the place that my sissy and I made it our own style. I love going home to it.

  1. It’s brand new yet not very expensive. Who doesn’t love to be the first person to use the bathtub and toilet? I enjoy my relaxing lavander salt bathe.
  2. I wake up and sleep with Burj Khalifa view.
  3. It’s very close to Dubai Mall (my fave go-to because of the Emirates miles earned every time I shop) and City Walk neighborhood.
  4. It’s a spacious one-bedroom apartment with its own laundry room and a balcony. It has its built-in closet too.
  5. Our mirrors are all fixed on the wall.
  6. Shelves were installed, yes, I’ve put holes in the walls, that I definitely need to ensure they are made up when it’s time to leave.
  7. We can finally use our oven again because the unit is ready for the high voltage installation. We have roasted chicken that was well-brined too!
  8. I felt so luxurious adding a half-glass cover at the bathroom instead of using a shower curtain.
  9. Our indoor plants have grown from three to nine including a succulent that my sissy allowed me to buy finally, a tall Dracaena that draws the eyes up, and we got pretty cool pots from West Elms.
  10.  I also like the dining table that we got from Ikea.

The apartment isn’t too perfect. It would have been better if the tiles’ colors and design in the bathroom sink is not black and yellow, or the installed bedroom airconditioning unit is a larger one, or that I have to sage the bedroom for three consecutive days to keep the lingering heavy energy out, or that some things they’ve overly done that feels like compensating to the things that were totally wrong… there’s that but the good far outweighs the bad so I am really happy with the new apartment. I felt so at home.

What’s your favorite home ever?

Photo by Yong Chuan on Unsplash

[1: 1,546 of 10,000] Born Too Late

In Article on August 2, 2015 at 11:42 AM

I was browsing Pinterest today and I saw this comic strip about a woman who was contemplating that she was born in the wrong era –

Comic Inspired

It is true that the perception of people change, the world’s circumstance change. If I am expanding more than just the body image judgment, I am grateful that right now I am not in a country with bomb dropping from the sky that would make me curl up inside my home, scared, and covering my ears.

Our judgment on others is usually the reflection of our own fears. How can we find pleasure to mock someone for something they are that we couldn’t possibly understand their inner struggle? Why do we need to be cruel on others as to ourselves? I am guilty of throwing my own judgment but now I am more concerned about what am I judging on my own self for such a merciless attack.

As a lesson learned from Eckhart Tolle on Awakening, I should not fight back to people who judge and attack me. Not really because I am also guilty but I shall remain present that what has happened in the past is past and what’s important is right now. I am grateful that right now, I forgive myself and I show more compassion to others that they are not aware of their actions and they couldn’t control to give in to their egos who feed on negativity. If I remain peaceful, my presence could radiate a good energy that may possibly awaken them if not maybe in due time.

Live right now. May we have the courage to make a world of encouragement for the better, for the best; and not be a coward to give in to the ego.

[1: 903 of 10,000] I Don’t Want Friday To End Too Soon!!!

In Journal on January 18, 2013 at 11:59 PM

I don’t want Friday to end too soon because it’s my kick-off for weekend.

I enjoyed this Friday because I spent time with my sissies while pushing work aside.

Slept at around 2ish and got up at 10ish.

Fixed my little garden, do some filing for home and addressed the piling laundry. I certainly miss summer to have our clothes dry sooner but I just have to wait until it is its time so for now I just got to manage the 7-year old high pile.

We dine a delicious Shrimp Sinigang for brunch, we watched movies, and we go for Sauna within our building apartment. We tried the the Dead Sea (Jordan) salt scrub and it was nice, it wasn’t very dry and got enough amount of oil. Accidentally I’ve tasted it too and it was pretty deliciously salty.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

I feel way better now, not that much tired is good and a blessing. 🙂

[1: 687 of 10,000] View From My Apartment

In Photo on July 18, 2012 at 1:39 PM

This is the view from the bedroom. The white roof at the left is the Dubai Cricket Stadium and the building being built is the Elite Sports 2 or our building’s sister that would soon house quite a lot of people making our neighborhood livelier.

I was thinking of making a photo journal like taking a photo of this same location everyday and see the transformation that this building that is currently unfinish will soon looks pretty. Maybe I’ll do it every month. Is it too obvious that I used to work in the construction industry? 🙂

[1: 675 of 10,000] Memory of a Pro and Con

In Journal on July 7, 2012 at 7:49 AM

My siblings and I made a pro and con list on 3 areas that we may possibly move into and here is a crazy illustration in drawing and chart form:

We considered the following:

  1. Annual Rental Fee
  2. Car lift from Home-Work-Home
  3. Cab fare from Home to the nearest decent Shopping Mall with Hypermarket
  4. Danger and is expectedly represented by a skull
  5. Access to RTA transportation
  6. Possible monthly utility expenses

Making the list was charming although we’ve proven that our final pick, 1st column for Dubai Sports City is not really bad at all. We got a good annual price at AED 37K, it wasn’t as scary as we thought it would be, and requesting a cab will take under 20 minutes or even 5 minutes but I got to be willing to pay a more expensive fare.

[1: 662 of 10,000] Apartment Hunting in Dubai

In Journal on June 19, 2012 at 12:00 AM

I made my Apartment Wish List / Checklist on April 22, 2012 and here comes the update because today I gave the cheque payments to the Real Estate Agent and signed the leasing contract for 1 year. It’s a nice list with a nice result!

  1. Budget – don’t exceed AED 38K per annum payable in 4 cheques. Got this one a home run because I settled with AED 37K per annum payable in 6 cheques.
  2. New building. It’s not just a new building, it’s a brand new apartment, we’ll be the 1st ever tenant!
  3. 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom. This was quite a negotiation but I am pretty pleased for now. I settled with 1 bedroom with attached bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub + 1 Guest Powder Room.
  4. Built-in closet. Checked! 3 doors baby 🙂
  5. Centralized air conditioning. Checked! I only wish chiller was free but I am fine.
  6. Located near the Metro Station. Suck at this one, we chose a new community where public transportation starts and ends with Taxi. I’ll be going to driving school soon, get a license, and then a car. My siblings and I are still debating what car but I can simply worry with the license first at this moment.
  7. Got balcony. Checked and it’s a bigger one than what we currently have. It is also accessible from bedroom and living room. I can continue to have a garden.
  8. Facing the East side so we’ll have morning sunlight. I think we’re in a good side.

And oh to make the deal a lot sweeter, the building has its own swimming pool, gym, and sauna for its residents. Now I have no reason to work out and make those endorphins come out. 😉

[1: 651 of 10,000] Scary Language Barrier

In Journal on June 9, 2012 at 7:42 PM

It’s apartment hunting today for me and my siblings. We dared to step in the cluster that scares us due to rumor that it has ghost lurking.

We got the flat number and used the elevator. As we step out of the elevator, an old lady saw us and spoke with us in a language that unfortunately we cannot understand. She seemed scared for us that we are moving in a very wrong alley and in the act of stopping us to whatever decision we are about to embark – it was an obvious warning sign. She was touching me and trying her best to relay a very important message but I can’t really make out what was she trying to say so I let go and proceed to see the unit.

Surprisingly scary, the flat is located at the very corner of the floor and it was still dirty like the last tenant was in a hurry to leave the place. It was a very disturbing viewing and I vote not to ever go back to that place again.

After the quick awkward view, we tried to speak one of the tenants of the floor who can speak English and got a good feedback that there is nothing to be worried about and the place is actually filled with families. He seemed believable and confirmed there was no ghost; but still the old lady made her point of scaring me and my sissies.

[1: 624 of 10,000] Wanted: New Apartment – Here’s The Checklist

In Journal on April 22, 2012 at 10:03 PM

Photo Source: Bloguez.com

Our current apartment leasing contract ends on June 2012 and I am hoping we find the perfect new apartment. I am shooting for a star because here is my kind of impossible wish list –

  1. Budget – don’t exceed AED 38K per annum payable in 4 cheques (I’m not rich yet)
  2. New building (better be free from any crawling things)
  3. 2 bedroom with attached bathroom (I wish for 3BR but I can settle for 2BR)
  4. Built-in closet (I can only daydream of a walk-in closet for now that is available at Burj Khalifa)
  5. Centralized air conditioning (will never go back with box type please)
  6. Located near the Metro Station (driving license – I need you badly so there’ll be more options)
  7. Got balcony
  8. Facing the East side so we’ll have morning sunlight

We actually found some but it doesn’t fit the 8 things perfectly. There are just non-negotiable; hopefully all of it is non-negotiable!