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[1: 1,736 of 10,000] Dedicated to the Airport Audience

In Article on June 28, 2016 at 3:40 AM

Airport Scene

Airport is a very interesting place. It’s a place where truthful and emotional good byes and hellos exist. A good place to get my nails done. To shop without duties happily. Daydream for the upcoming adventure or planning the next one. Can contain various nationalities in one place.

I travel for both business and leisure and as a traveler who doesn’t want to think about work at all times (PAUSE: Something is wrong here, I think of my work too much, am I addicted to my work, that’s a whole entire post but going back to my original track! UNPAUSE) then having a light entertainment in this fairly lots of waiting time whether starting from the airport or during a long flight, is a perfect delight. It is here that I truly appreciate artists such as authors, musicians, and the entire team who made television shows and movies.

It would be amazing that during this down time where there is no where to go but be present for something then artists got the magnificent opportunity to not only provide a fun entertainment but inspiring airport audience. Giving people the seed of AHAs to launch them to their next battle is kind of fantastic.

May I one day be one of those artists and my wish for you too!

[1: 1,734 of 10,000] Find Your Songs

In Journal on June 26, 2016 at 6:09 AM


Do you ever feel funky and then you hear a music and every bits of cell in your body begins to become active, happy, and gives you a different leap of inspiration that you can do anything?

I have worried minds when I went to bed last night, thinking so much about the work that I have not finished, had a sluggish dream, got up with my early alarm, made myself a coffee, cooked breakfast, and then played this song…

Rachel Platten – Better Place

I don’t even look at the video because it will crack me up but I just listen and I feel renewed. It’s not the first time, there are certainly some songs that gives me a different boost, is it because the people behind it made it with love and everything from lyrics, melody, and the artist’s voice speak to my soul and made me feel better. A movie has the same effect on me, like when I watch Moneyball.

Find your song, if you got bored with one since you’ve heard it so many times, then find another to get you through your battle of the day, fighting to be great in what you do, giving your best for the task at hand.

Have an exciting day filled with blessings! 😉

[1: 1,644 of 10,000] Do You Feel Your Guardian Angel?

In Article on November 7, 2015 at 11:47 AM

Guardian Angel

Call me weird but there are several moments that out of no where someone I don’t see nudges me to correct something on what I am working on. I often exclaimed, oh snap, that’s a great catch! Is it my subconscious who is able to detect it that my conscious self wouldn’t able to right away? Was it my inner intellect guiding me? Or is it something higher than me, beyond me?

I’d been hearing that an artist is the medium but never the ultimate source as the mother not the actual creator of a child but the precious bearer. It is comforting to know that I made this blog not to gather fame, I don’t even know if they are helpful to anyone at all, but I write here because it gives me joy and an outlet. It makes me believe that I am honouring my calling by being expressive without being barred. I do it because when I show up to write, I hope I invite my muse to make it finer, better, and truly inspiring maybe not for anyone else but also for me.

So I raise my glasses to cheer my guardina angel, who puts up to my stubborness, who I hope patient enough to wait for me as I overcome my inner demons, and who loves me even if he knows I couldn’t see him and forgets about him. Thank you with all my heart! 🙂

[1: 1,507 of 10,000] Marble’s Magnificence

In Article on June 24, 2015 at 1:09 PM

Marble in India

Do you marvel at marbles?

My sister is obsessed with good marble and it is starting to rub off on me.

Marble is usually in cold temperament, if I feel hot, it feels so good putting my palm on a marble table and absorbing all the coldness it could offer; but when I feel cold, I dare not touch it.

The photo I posted above is marble in its natural state found in India. It’s magnificent, it’s vast, and don’t you find it such a treasure that these stones go on to be recreated into something so fine from making any construction accented in an elevated elegance or go to the hands of a Michelangelo to sculpt a glorious Pieta.

The rich resources are ever present to human and it is in our willingness to be part of the magic that complete the marvelous cycle. It’ll be amazing to be responsible and faithful to our talents! Hey, go on and be awesome!

[1: 1,126 of 10,000] 2013 Vanguard Recipient – Justine Timberlake

In Article on August 26, 2013 at 1:28 AM

Justin TimberlakeAge inspires me and I am quite impressed about Justine Timberlake’s talent and success.

He recently received a recognition from VMA. He also performed for about 15 minutes, combining singing, dancing, and simply being irresistible. He is such a talent for a 32 year old.

I got to say he is also a believable actor with gorgeous blue eyes.

I am very happy for him. 🙂

[1: 633 of 10,000] Modern Street Art

In Photo on May 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Saw this from Freshome – The artist Timo Arnall made a cool keyboard artwork on the streets of Brussels, Belgium.

[1: 205 of 10,000] Who annoys me more, Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga?

In Article on May 9, 2011 at 1:58 PM

I am not a fan for both Justine Bieber and Lady Gaga but there is really no reason that I’ll be annoyed by any of them. In a side note, if a certain entertainer annoys me, I don’t watch nor listen to him, if he’s being reported on a particular channel, then I’ll change the channel. It’s impossible that he can be in all the shows, if there’s an incredibly ill faith that he is (sort of royal wedding fever not that I was annoyed by the grand royal wedding); I guess it’s time to get a good book and be in a zen place to read. Back to the two artists, from the business point of view and as a fan of success stories, I actually admire how these two performers were able to make a name in the entertainment world and MORE.

Why MORE? The Bieber kid was able to woo the imagination of so many young girls by being cute and singing passionately. The Lady was able to make fashionistas go gaga for her head turning fashion sense and could make club goers groove to her beats. These two were able to reach people more than a regular singer could do; they’re an international icon from a simple bangs and shocking costumes!

They are both extremely popular but what worries me?

It’s alarming that fans become obsessed or exaggerated (?) I’ve heard fans of Justin threat any girl or lady who gets close to him. So far no one was reported physically hurt but verbally abused was not quite foreign even to the proclaimed girlfriend or considered friends of the boy. It was probably the girls’ first taste of shattered love or broken puppy dream but parents, guardians, and adults should make sure their babies are properly guided to not result to obscene actions.

I’m worried that Gaga fell quite a lot of time for either using high heels or a little intoxicated with happy bubbly (?) She either need to practice to walk in a very challenging pair of shoes or she has to contact the different shoe makers to customize foot wears that speak her eccentricity for extreme fashion but equally safe for her to walk on and never fall.

A person doesn’t always have the chance to become very popular. Popularity when portrayed correctly is a good place for everyone to be in, you’ll have a bigger voice, you’ll set trend, or you’ll have power. I hope these two just do what they do best and at least set a great example and be truly responsible without compromising what they’re truly passionate about.