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[1: 1,692 of 10,000] Sleeping on Sofa

In Journal on March 5, 2016 at 11:17 AM

I have a guilty confession, I have a bad habit of sleeping on our sofa. The worst streak is 3 nights in a row or were there even a 4, oh my I got to stop!


The sofa photo above looked a lot like my sofa right now (#Ikea) and it’s not lenghty so I usually curl up and in all fairness when I put my back at the corner, it felt like I am being hugged by a bear; and it felt nice and almost comforting until my feet hurts for curling for too long.

Why is it so bad to sleep on the sofa? I know exactly that I do that when I got too tired working the whole day, I am worried of all the things that I still need to do, but most of all it’s a reflection that I am all over the place and I am acting out like a homeless in the street. I have my proper bed, proper comfy pillow and blanket and what do I do, I retreat to the sofa, restless, and it got me worried that I forget how to be on my bed.

Sofa has always a different pull of me. It’s terrifying. It’s like I am not all grown up that I could not discipline myself. Well, so far, I seemed to be on tracked and been on my bed for 2 nights! No more breaking. I laugh at myself whenever I gets defeated on this weakness, it’s a loud cry of I need help, and yet I have no one to reach, I simply need to build up the right habit and for the love of myself, do what I need to do.