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[1: 1,699 of 10,000] Whispering Truths

In Poem on April 22, 2016 at 12:06 AM


I can truly see you for who you are
Sometimes I judge
But most of the time I force myself to let it be
I don’t love you enough to call you of your name

My reflections blinds me
I do not want to see my own darkness
The demon thoughts creeps my very being
I don’t want that to last

May the silence of the night
The calmness of the dawn
Vanish away my fears
So I may move along

Another day with bright smiles
Hope for everlasting joy
Departure from despairs
Forevermore I grow


[1: 1,601 of 10,000] The Race Inside My Head

In Article on September 26, 2015 at 10:01 AM


You don’t want to go inside my head right now because it’s moving so fast and it desires to do million things that aren’t possible. It hurries like today is the last day of my life! 😀 I am not really exaggerating and it is neither advisable nor healthy.

I like this quiet Saturday on the outset where I am at the dining table at 9:45 AM, looking out at the window with bright sunlight, just finished my hot peppermint tea, and calming myself that I can do one thing at a time and be present when doing it in my comfy pajama.

It is undeniable that I have a talent of juggling two to four tasks at the same time and anticipating possibilities and the best way to deal with them before they even really happened; and yet the consequence is my heart palpitate with excitement, my brain invites worries of all the possible things that could also go wrong, and I end up frazzled and even frozen with an overwhelmed feeling.

It takes practise to enjoy every moment that I live my life. I only have right now and thank God that I am not in a middle of a war zone with physical challenges that could cause me pain; but it doesn’t give me the license that I create my own mind battle that will kill me again inside.

Chill. Relax. Breathe.

It’s a beautiful weekend and I am loving every minute of it.