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[1: 1,791 of 10,000] Beauty Is Everywhere And It Comes With A Responsibility

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I marvel on how beautiful our mother nature is but after watching “Before The Flood” documentary on top of what I still remember “The Inconvenient Truth,” it is quite alarming how we have to start taking responsibility seriously. The same as our beautiful complex and well-oiled human body, the Earth was equipped with its self-correcting mechanism to keep the balance, but the moment that the unmindful excesses start to play then we are contributing to the problem because it could no longer keep up naturally.

It is a cliche to use these statements… “We have to think about the future generation or possibly our grandchildren in the future. Are we willing to let them inherit a spoiled home?”

We have to search for our conscience and must not pass through this Earth without leaving it as a marvelous  livable home for the future men. Let us help in eliminating pollution, let us be an active participant to a sustainable lifestyle. Men are bright and we got to use our intellect and creativity to a good use.

[1: 1,548 of 10,000] Highlighting My Insecurities With Love

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XOXO, yep I got to start with that! In this post I would like to highlight my insecurities with full love.

There are moments that I just pause, curl, and pout that I’m not good enough. In happy moments, I am hugging and kissing my authenticity and appreciate how perfect am I just the way I am.

  1. I’m 5’2″ and I am short when I stand side by side with most Westeners. I was ridiculed and named “Shorty” and there are few moments that it gets to me when I could sense the mockery. I got to love my height, because of it, I also have pretty cute fingers that I adore. Being short pushed me to always be confident to stand straight. I have a pretty good excuse to wear pretty painful high heels, I am rooting for the upcoming painless high heels, someone is manufacturing it right now with the help of scientists. My height doesn’t stop and limit me to creating beautiful things that serve others.
  2. I got black wavy locks. I want golden brown and then I envied blondes who seemed to get men’s attention. I must love my hair for its blackness that when glowed by light exudes a brown colour, and the most important thing that it protects my head. I am happy that I got hair to play with, to tie, or to loosen.
  3. It feels degrading that my asian feature make other nationalities assumed I am a help. I was once mistaken as a toilet cleaner and I thought do I looked so lousy bad? I am also guilty going to shops and assumed some shoppers to be the sales associates and I know the feeling for being mistaken for someone you’re not especially if it’s lower than you hoped for. But now, I stopped! I have to be gracious if someone needs help and I love help simply because they help, how noble is their work really is. As for me, no more crazy assumptions, I would rather ask than wonder and make up my own story.
  4. I’m 35 and have not achieved financial freedom. I have an obsession of comparing myself with other famous people who were born in 1980 just like me. Whenever I see Channing Tatum and Gisele Bündchen, I followed my thoughts with a question and where am I still? As long as the sun shines, I am not yet done. It should be enough motivation that I have great things to do.
  5. I mirror people’s attitude and believed that I have the right to still be opinionated and judmental. I am very careful now that I don’t have to be hurtful and I better keep my mouth shut before I hurt anyone by projecting my own insecurities. Let it go! Let the judgment and mockery pass. I am more at peace if I think about the good things than highlighting what’s wrong.

[1: 1,546 of 10,000] Born Too Late

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I was browsing Pinterest today and I saw this comic strip about a woman who was contemplating that she was born in the wrong era –

Comic Inspired

It is true that the perception of people change, the world’s circumstance change. If I am expanding more than just the body image judgment, I am grateful that right now I am not in a country with bomb dropping from the sky that would make me curl up inside my home, scared, and covering my ears.

Our judgment on others is usually the reflection of our own fears. How can we find pleasure to mock someone for something they are that we couldn’t possibly understand their inner struggle? Why do we need to be cruel on others as to ourselves? I am guilty of throwing my own judgment but now I am more concerned about what am I judging on my own self for such a merciless attack.

As a lesson learned from Eckhart Tolle on Awakening, I should not fight back to people who judge and attack me. Not really because I am also guilty but I shall remain present that what has happened in the past is past and what’s important is right now. I am grateful that right now, I forgive myself and I show more compassion to others that they are not aware of their actions and they couldn’t control to give in to their egos who feed on negativity. If I remain peaceful, my presence could radiate a good energy that may possibly awaken them if not maybe in due time.

Live right now. May we have the courage to make a world of encouragement for the better, for the best; and not be a coward to give in to the ego.

[1: 1,457 of 10,000] HER

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I know her.

She’s emotional because she loves truly and deeply.
She’s one of a kind by being able to see people’s heart.
She takes risks and won’t let anyone use her.
She devotes her time to a good purpose.
She loves her family and would protect them the best way she can.
She stands strong even when she’s hurt.
She recognises and shows her vulnerability.
She doesn’t stop finding the right path and making the right road.
She contemplates death but will be looking to have a meaningful life.
She’s creative and likes to laugh.
She’s an odd crazy friend but a true friend nevertheless.
She likes spreading happiness and positivity.
She’s generous of her wealth, time, and energy.
She rarely complain and rant because she’s forgiving.
She let people live their life and give them their space.
She prays sincerely not just for herself but for others too.
She’s learning to sleep and pampers her body.
She’s grateful and full of surprises.
She knows she can get whatever she wants that she works for.
She finds optimism in every scenario, a true ray of sunshine.
She’s impulsive but knows the right time to speak her mind.
She’s not afraid to apologise and not afraid to make mistake.
She knows she’s imperfect but continues to strive to be one.
She’s beautiful especially when she smiles with her eyes.
She doesn’t wait to be validated, she knows her value.
She feels fuzzy warm feelings for sweet gestures.
She loves the rose and thorns and all.
She inspires the people around her to do great things.
She has standards with all the good reasons to back it up.
She sets example and commands respect and credibility.
She’s unapologetic to defend what’s right.
She knows when to walk away.
She never meant to hurt anyone.
She is everything above because she is loved and she has love within.

[1: 1,340 of 10,000] Eyebrow Threading Anyone?

In Review on August 16, 2014 at 10:52 AM

franck provost dubaiTrying new things is the whole essence of feeling a new kick of inspiration. I’ve tried eyebrow threading yesterday for the first time. I am not quite sure what to expect but pulling body hairs have always been painful based on my experience. To ensure quality service, might as well go to Franck Provost at Mall of the Emirates to get it.

I told the hair threading specialist to be gentle because it was my first time. She was making funny remarks heightening my ‘not-so-sure-this-is-a-good-idea’ moment. It turned out, it was not painful like pulling one hair at a time with a tweezer, it feels more like a razor with little pricks. At the end, my fear was more on ‘oh-shit-we-didn’t-discuss-the-shape-she’s-going-to-make’ and the real horror of I end up losing all my hairs or regret what the hell is that shape?

I was a bit panicky on what shape is she creating but I calm myself saying if all didn’t work it will grow back after 10 years?! OMG – there should be a brochure for eye brow shapes where customer has to choose and settle before any threading takes place. I got to suggest that to avoid miscommunication and to meet proper expectations.

During the procedure, she was quite shocked I’ve never had threading and asked for my age. I told her 34. She asked if I am married. I told her no. Then she ends the conversation with after this you’ll get married. Oh, how promising.

End result – I walked out with two properly normal and clean shaped eye brows. I was cheery and glad I did it for myself. I remembered my schoolmate turned model said that one of the best way to make a great improvement on your face is to make sure to have a clean eyebrow. Well, checked!

[1: 1,203 of 10,000] Women Are Beautiful

In Article on November 9, 2013 at 4:34 AM

Women are beautiful and yet we become so critical on defining a real beauty. I admire the new campaign of Dove (I don’t work for them, that’s for certain, but I should as I love their products) where they stopped just making plain business (taking money from people in exchange of goods) into going to have a soul.

Watch the video below to see what I meant:

The ad brought me to tears and melted my heart. We do tend to forget how gorgeous we are and it makes it better when team of creative and business people go a new kind of mile to remind us just how much we shouldn’t forget.


[1: 1,148 of 10,000] Kissing eos

In Review on September 17, 2013 at 12:00 AM

I am in love with eos Lip Balm!!! ♥

eos Lip Balm Summer FruitDue to medication, my lips constantly dry up and eos is keeping my virgin lips extremely smiling with happiness.

The flavours are amazing and sweetly delicious. I also love the packaging, it’s cute and conveniently handy. My work colleague thought it was a stress ball but when she tried to squeeze, it was quite hard – lol.

My sissy introduced it to me. She learned about it from Kim Kardashian; true influence and the power of a star.

We got it through online purchase at a pretty good price!

[1: 1,006 of 10,000] Ode to Saying #3 – I Wish I Am Happy

In Article on April 30, 2013 at 12:00 AM

John Lennon Saying

It is very important to me that I am happy and it starts with a smile.

The advantage for being an optimistic person is finding happiness on every simple thing and finding a way out from a gloomy state.

I got to admit that there are so many things that make me sad but I don’t dwell on them a lot, solve what is bothering me, and I made sure I lean on praying for wisdom or if it’s too much to carry.

A happy person can see the pureness of a real beauty, not the facade, but the real magic. John Lennon’s mom was right teaching him about happiness, no wonder he can feel so much emotion, and was able to inspire the world.

[1: 593 of 10,000] Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Body Lotion

In Made In on March 25, 2012 at 12:00 AM

This lotion is given to patient by Tawam Hospital in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and it works.  This product is made in Bangalore, India.

[1: 497 of 10,000] Blooming Magic

In Photo on January 4, 2012 at 11:32 PM

We got closed lilies for New Year’s Eve and today it bloomed beautifully like a delicate White Swan.

Before the big surprise purchased on December 31, 2011.

In full bloom today, January 4, 2012.