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[1: 865 of 10,000] New Tradition for December 15th

In Journal on December 15, 2012 at 11:59 PM

Today, December 15th, 2012, a new tradition for my family (with my two sissies anyway) is born.

This is the first time that we remembered the birthday of our mum without her. The best way for us to celebrate it is to wake up early, go to a coffee shop to buy breakfast, and hit the beach to eat the breaky with the aquamarine beach water as our view.

It’s pretty cold this time of the month here in Dubai but the warmth of our love for simply and truly loving one another kept the day smooth, meaningful, and blessed. We made a pact that every year from this point onward, wherever we are, on the 15th of December, we should eat breakfast at the beach to honor our mum.

Our mum is the greatest mum we couldn’t be luckier to have. She loved us and supported us in her most unique and loving way. She spoiled us with lessons that we would practice for the rest of our lives. She is the reason my sissies and I are all here in the world. Yor couldn’t be writing this blog post without her. I am loved by her and I love her back now until my last breath.

New Tradition for December 15th

[1: 644 of 10,000] My Birthday Sweets

In Journal on June 2, 2012 at 9:32 PM

I have been quiet for how many days in honor of my Mum’s passing, she doesn’t like me so dedicated with blogging because she thought being at home meant I got to rest and not in front of the laptop for a long time, and I thought I don’t feel like blogging anymore. But knowing the final words of my Mum to be strong and move forward, I should not forget who I am and what I truly love to do – Write.

Today is my birthday hence I honor myself. I am starting to blog leisurely again; to be vocal about my inner thoughts and share my take on things. My birthday wishes are:

  1. My sisters and I become entrepreneur this year.
  2. My family will stay healthy and the only reason for death is because of old age.
  3. I will be inspired and I will inspire.
  4. I will be loved and I will love.
  5. For God to give me Wisdom.

Here in Dubai, I prefer Crepe as my Cake instead of a real cake for me to blow my candle and utter my birthday wishes; simply because Dubai still failed to present the best Cake that I will praise and adore.

[1: 483 of 10,000] A Birthday Isn’t Complete Until There’s A Cake

In Photo on December 25, 2011 at 7:29 AM

[1: 481 of 10,000] Few Hours Before Christmas

In Journal on December 24, 2011 at 7:01 PM

Few hours before Christmas and the preparation is going crazy.

I am waiting for magic to happen.

Who am I kidding?

I will make magic happen.

For me, for my family, and for everyone!

[1: 480 of 10,000] Jesus What Do You Want For Your Birthday?

In Journal on December 23, 2011 at 6:42 PM

Photo Source: Islamtimes.org

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