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[1: 1,577 of 10,000] Yay BOOKS!

In Article on September 2, 2015 at 12:02 AM


My sister and I passed through a newly built mall and she said she’s happy whenever she sees a new mall. She loves retail shopping and so I understood her excitement.

An acquaintance of mine sent me books all the way from Singapore. I am so amazed that printed books are hopping around the world and they are spreading wildfire inspiration to me. The excitement of my sister on malls are the rush I feel when I see, read, and own books.

I am surprised to see the titles that I received. I never really knew this acquaintance but seeing all the type of books that I received, I am starting to see a whole new person.

I’m so happy I got new books to devour. So amazing! I’m grateful.

[1: 629 of 10,000] What My eNewsletter Subscriptions Say About Me?

In Article on April 27, 2012 at 1:00 PM

I don’t like Spam emails. As life gets busy, I don’t want to clutter my Inbox with subscriptions that I am not interested to read. So, what are my subscriptions and what it tells about me?

1. HBO makes me Nostalgic not just a Movie Fanatic – As long as I can remember this has been my first subscription. My current cable subscription here in Dubai doesn’t have HBO but back in the Philippines it is definitely one of my favorite channels and I like their realistic movies and documentaries. If you are wondering why am I still keeping this subscription, I’m still interested how movies are advertised and what are being shown in Asia. I dream of working with them too. Read the rest of this entry »