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[1: 1,590 of 10,000] Free Magazine Starts A Cover With An Ad

In Article on September 15, 2015 at 6:06 AM

Stylist Arabia (a free magazine distributed in UAE) started their latest issue with an ad –

Stylist 1

The ad certainly looked like a magazine cover if you have Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss who are promoting Burberry. They are very chic and also black and white photos always catch my attention. They both looked very confident but Cara’s face is really strong with a piercing look, if I wear that perfume will I looked fierced as she is? Getting two effective models would one way or another speak to the right individual and Cara is really selling it to me right now.

Here is the actual cover for the latest issue though –

Stylist 2

See how Burberry prominently displayed its product again!

Normally, I feel like being bombarded with too much ad or being ripped off for deceiving me to see ad on the cover instead of their regular whatever that they could present to the public; but in this case, I actually picked up the FREE magazine because I saw Cara and Kate. If I’ve seen Ellie on the stand, I possibly would have not stop to get one. I can’t possibly complain can’t I if they start with an ad because it is a free magazine afterall and it’s on me whether to take it or leave it. I am engaging to an unspoken rule that I will always have a choice and I don’t need to feel entitled.

Good job for Burberry for launching an ad campaign that was duly positioned by Stylist Arabia! I might possibly remember the perfume and who knows buy it if I like how it smells then I will purchase one. Darn I was just been influenced by a print ad! 😛

[1: 1,557 of 10,000] Answering In Quora

In Review on August 13, 2015 at 3:01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.53.23 PM

I recently joined Quora and it is making me answer questions with real perspective, to answer with an open mind and clear intentions, and it’s like walking on a very thin ice because I am posting with my real name and even display a biography who I believe as to where my point of view is coming from. It’s a good practice to writing well too especially on disecting a question without having all the facts from the person asking the question; and I lay ground a possible path that tells a story and easy to follow.

A lot of the people there are educated and a lot of the questions there were answerable by a regular folk like me who couldn’t be acting foolishly as to not send the wrong advice. Online forum gives everyone the freedom to speak their mind, but it takes a decent person to post with the right amount of intelligence and humanity to not offend, to disagree respectfully, and to bring light of a solution.

I am careful that I only answer the questions that I can be certain that it is going to be helpful. Getting an “upvote” other than the person asking the question is my hope that I can inspire or enlighten someone new. Otherwise, it isn’t a spank to my ego that I “pass” or I do not reply to remarks that don’t encourage a healthy intellectual exchange. It is important for me that I am authentic, that I can walk my talk, and I am grateful that my answers give someone peace of mind.

I am putting myself in the front row and I consult that God gives me the right wisdom to say what I believe is good to the right person.

Are you a member of Quora? How was your experience?

[1: 1,382 of 10,000] My Basis of Liking in Instagram

In Review on December 6, 2014 at 4:03 PM

My sissy said I like Instagram post too much, like it was quite easy for me to like a post.

I don’t think I do, maybe I love Instagram and the delight of looking at photos around the world, but I do have my standards for liking a post if that’s even a valid point of view.

Let me walk you through with the below photos.

I am obsessed with quotes. I will probably die and utter an aphorism for my last breath. But any quote that doesn’t ring true to me or probably didn’t learn yet, or I simply don’t get doesn’t get a double tap. Below from thegoodquote definitely got a heart.

Instagram 1

I follow Sezyilmaz and he usually post exotic photos but the below doesn’t really thrill me. I don’t like the filter, I don’t like the cup, and I simply don’t like the whole concept since it lacks originality. How many hands and a cup have I seen? A lot that I’ve done it myself that it doesn’t impress me anymore.

There are times where a certain user posts that consecutively unattractive, unappealing, too commercial, ugly posts that I immediately, un-reluctantly “unfollow.”

Instagram 2

And there are those that post sweet photos like coffee table book that I look over my iPhone or MacBook. It’s too charming, sweet, and amazingly lovable not to declared and stamped with my heart.

Instagram 3


What is your main rule of liking an Instagram post?

[1: 1,340 of 10,000] Eyebrow Threading Anyone?

In Review on August 16, 2014 at 10:52 AM

franck provost dubaiTrying new things is the whole essence of feeling a new kick of inspiration. I’ve tried eyebrow threading yesterday for the first time. I am not quite sure what to expect but pulling body hairs have always been painful based on my experience. To ensure quality service, might as well go to Franck Provost at Mall of the Emirates to get it.

I told the hair threading specialist to be gentle because it was my first time. She was making funny remarks heightening my ‘not-so-sure-this-is-a-good-idea’ moment. It turned out, it was not painful like pulling one hair at a time with a tweezer, it feels more like a razor with little pricks. At the end, my fear was more on ‘oh-shit-we-didn’t-discuss-the-shape-she’s-going-to-make’ and the real horror of I end up losing all my hairs or regret what the hell is that shape?

I was a bit panicky on what shape is she creating but I calm myself saying if all didn’t work it will grow back after 10 years?! OMG – there should be a brochure for eye brow shapes where customer has to choose and settle before any threading takes place. I got to suggest that to avoid miscommunication and to meet proper expectations.

During the procedure, she was quite shocked I’ve never had threading and asked for my age. I told her 34. She asked if I am married. I told her no. Then she ends the conversation with after this you’ll get married. Oh, how promising.

End result – I walked out with two properly normal and clean shaped eye brows. I was cheery and glad I did it for myself. I remembered my schoolmate turned model said that one of the best way to make a great improvement on your face is to make sure to have a clean eyebrow. Well, checked!

[1: 1,339 of 10,000] I Like Dubizzle

In Review on August 16, 2014 at 8:58 AM

I love the Dubai, UAE Dubizzle and the Dubai Users.


I have moved for several times in Dubai and moving to a new place means changing some of the pieces I would be bringing with me so Dubizzle helped me disposed the other times that are in perfect condition but is better off in a new household.

It is also fun to meet different people and nationality during the negotiations and then finally item collection or delivery.

The challenging part is having to lock down a negotiation and the buyer was completely a liar for not making his commitment to pick-up an item after negotiating of even meeting to a certain place!!! But that has happened just once so I am still excited to sell in Dubizzle.


[1: 1,338 of 10,000] The Classy McDonald’s

In Review on August 16, 2014 at 8:04 AM

Detail is important because it makes things elevate their beauty.

The photo below is one of the branches of McDonald’s at Dubai Media City and I truly appreciate that they have marble top tables and steel stand because it is not only sturdy but classy. It may be fast food but they still worked out to become elegant in their little ways.

McDo Table

[1: 1,334 of 10,000] The Prettiest Home’s Office Chair

In Review on August 9, 2014 at 11:32 PM

I bought all the appliances into our new apartment so I insisted that my sissy got to buy the cutest home office chair for herself. We were supposed to share the home office desk but for some reason, her iMac and our printer fit perfectly, that I no longer have a place. I am now typing from our kitchen counter but I don’t mind because I love seeing her West Elm Saddle Office Chair, which is such a beauty and aside for being chic it is also super comfy.

West Elm Saddle Office Chair

[1: 1,331 of 10,000] The Beginning Of A Culinary Experiment Or An Elementary Learning

In Journal on July 26, 2014 at 10:14 PM

One of the reasons my sissy and I are willing to move to a new apartment is to find a completely bare kitchen so I can buy her an oven. She promised that she will make our apartment smelling so sweet with lovely cakes and delicious muffins.

The first attempt is an Ina Garten’s version of Baked Macaroni. It looked promising from the oven, it turned out just fine but looking fab with the red Staub pot, but I got to admit that I need another round of attempt. Life is nice and filled with new things to learn (like if you say pre heat the oven, how long does that take?) and experiment (use another type of cheddar instead of the suggested extra sharp cheddar, which we didn’t find).

Siemens Oven

[1: 1,329 of 10,000] Etisalat Telephone ID For Ritaj Block A Residence

In Review on July 26, 2014 at 8:33 PM

Dubai’s only 2 competing telecommunications are setting to divide Dubai accordingly; meaning this residential block will only install Etisalat and for this part it’s exclusively for Du.

I have been pleased using Du for 2 years and moving from Dubai Sports City to Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 2 meant I can only subscribe to Etisalat.

It was a bad start with Etisalat, I have to patiently wait a long queue at Mall of the Emirates for I think about 30 minutes, STANDING. The waiting was not my problem, the fact that when I was in front of the associate he asked me for at least 1 telephone number in the building, that was my BIG ARGH. (1) I just moved in to a new apartment and am I supposed to be getting phone numbers of neighbours? (2) Do I know that in the first place because they never advertised it?! (3) Or since ETISALAT WAS THE ONLY TELECOM THAT CAN INSTALL IN THE AREA, DON’T THEY REALLY KNOW THE EXACT AREA’S TELEPHONE ID???

I was really furious so for the sake of everyone who are moving to Ritaj, Block A, I will save you the time to find out a single telephone number and just note that the number Etisalat is looking for is EID # DX005023000. The watchman of the building was kind enough to show me the telephone room!

Ritaj Block A Telephone ID

If you think my horror with Etisalat ends there, not even close, because they set a schedule for the installation and confirmed it. I excused myself from the office just to attend to them, only to find out that they were not coming after reconfirming from their call centre that they will. If I didn’t insist to speak with the Supervisor, my service would have not been arranged immediately the following day.

It was a long list of disappointments from Etisalat and it is just annoying to relieve them in words in this blog. Right now, I am just grateful that the Internet connection in our new home is quite fast and the cable TV gives surprisingly delights to the subscribers by opening all the channels during holidays in UAE.

Is it really impossible to stop monopoly and poor service? Is compromise necessary and extended understanding? This is actually a good invitation to all other entrepreneurs who could do better.

[1: 1,290 of 10,000] Laid Back

In Photo on February 2, 2014 at 7:54 PM

This Burberry Ad reminds me of a good weekend that is happily relaxing.


The little girl’s twisted arm, bright blue eyes, innocent smile, cozy clothes (fashionable too in this case), laying comfortably and recklessly relaxed. It is such a wonderful sight and I can’t wait to go back to my bed now and just lay there – happy and not thinking about tomorrow or any of the long list of worries.