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[1: 1,643 of 10,000] Jumping Gives Me Joy

In Journal on November 6, 2015 at 8:18 AM

Watch this video, I know it looks beautiful because it’s the luxurious Burberry, but strip off the brand, the famous people in it, and focus on their smiles, the music, and the jumping –

What do you feel?

I will share you what I feel. I feel freaking amazing and joyful. I love to jump in my apartment. Whenever I feel like I am not alive, I jump. When I got a good news, I jump. When I am bored, I jump. When I want to create joy, I jump.

I love feeling my feet get lifted from the ground. I love how my hair flip here and there. I love how my heart becomes in motion.

Do you love to jump?

[1: 1,590 of 10,000] Free Magazine Starts A Cover With An Ad

In Article on September 15, 2015 at 6:06 AM

Stylist Arabia (a free magazine distributed in UAE) started their latest issue with an ad –

Stylist 1

The ad certainly looked like a magazine cover if you have Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss who are promoting Burberry. They are very chic and also black and white photos always catch my attention. They both looked very confident but Cara’s face is really strong with a piercing look, if I wear that perfume will I looked fierced as she is? Getting two effective models would one way or another speak to the right individual and Cara is really selling it to me right now.

Here is the actual cover for the latest issue though –

Stylist 2

See how Burberry prominently displayed its product again!

Normally, I feel like being bombarded with too much ad or being ripped off for deceiving me to see ad on the cover instead of their regular whatever that they could present to the public; but in this case, I actually picked up the FREE magazine because I saw Cara and Kate. If I’ve seen Ellie on the stand, I possibly would have not stop to get one. I can’t possibly complain can’t I if they start with an ad because it is a free magazine afterall and it’s on me whether to take it or leave it. I am engaging to an unspoken rule that I will always have a choice and I don’t need to feel entitled.

Good job for Burberry for launching an ad campaign that was duly positioned by Stylist Arabia! I might possibly remember the perfume and who knows buy it if I like how it smells then I will purchase one. Darn I was just been influenced by a print ad! 😛