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[1: 2,072 of 10,000] Unraveling Irony

In Journal on May 15, 2022 at 12:32 AM

I used to wonder why irony exists.

Part of me wants a world that’s black and white. I am not a fan of grey area, it’s too vague and unnerving like a relationship status declaring “it’s complicated”.

I never forgot the story about a fisherman who was resting in a hammock. A businessman saw him and spoke about how he could dramatically expand his business into an empire. The humble fisherman inquired then what will I do after I’ve become the richest that I can be? The businessman answered then you can rest in your hammock.

The fisherman’s story looks like asking whether to pursue a simple life now or later? But to a person like me who has an interest in creating a business empire, I would push the boundary that a balanced life will have both wanting an improved life while practicing self-care at the end of each day.

The epiphany, there is no right or wrong answer. There’s no right or wrong path. There’s only experience that I can enjoy and keep improving. There’s an invitation that right now whatever feels right, be it. And my choice might look completely different than yours and that’s okay.

Our different choices are exactly what makes this world, this universe, and the collective consciousness keep evolving. And that’s perfect and beautiful. Keep honoring your own path!

[1: 1,818 of 10,000] Face The Difficult

In Article on November 29, 2016 at 12:44 AM

I am afraid of the difficult because I am afraid to fail; but I believe that growth and success of the future stem there.

Hearing the interview of James Altucher with Seth Godin inspired me to face my road blocks and keep persevering.

Seth Godin & James Altucher

My favorite lessons from the podcast talk were:

  1. A great work or business is made of a good taste or a true art meaning a job that is excellent, nothing less.
  2. In life or in business, ask the question: “Is this going to contribute for a positive change that I seek?”
  3. Would you like to lead a tribe? Make sure to show up and give value. Make sure that the answer to the question “Is it worth it?” will blow everyone’s mind.
  4. Lift up the pressure and know what you need to break even and be mindful to deliver a work that you can be proud of.
  5. Keep evolving and be brave to serve new tribe only with good intentions. Don’t settle to keep showing the same great things to the same crowd. Expound!

[1: 1,691 of 10,000] How Dare I To Mock Employees

In Article on February 28, 2016 at 12:15 AM


I believe that the ultimate aim for an employee is to become an employer, that to me is the ultimate goal and an evidence of success. I see employees (including me who is currently) as a beginner, who has lots to learn, and not done.

I grew up with parents who were managing their own businesses so that to me is the true epitome, you are your own boss, and doesn’t need to be dictatated by other’s rules. Being feisty, aggressive, in good amount is good otherwise flawed. An employer must recognise that he needs to be humble and need others to come up with better ideas, to collaborate with other great minds, and to establish rules that is not ruled by ego like who thought of it or in power to implement it or as silly as who said it first but because it is the right way to accomplish a business goal.

No matter where you are, what I am right now like an employee, I should pay respect. To honour the work of my hands and enjoy the journey. I do see the future for every employee who may strive to have their own business but not necessarily because they can run or manage a business on their own but with the help of trusted people.

May we always have the desire, ambition, to grow bigger.



[1: 1,590 of 10,000] Free Magazine Starts A Cover With An Ad

In Article on September 15, 2015 at 6:06 AM

Stylist Arabia (a free magazine distributed in UAE) started their latest issue with an ad –

Stylist 1

The ad certainly looked like a magazine cover if you have Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss who are promoting Burberry. They are very chic and also black and white photos always catch my attention. They both looked very confident but Cara’s face is really strong with a piercing look, if I wear that perfume will I looked fierced as she is? Getting two effective models would one way or another speak to the right individual and Cara is really selling it to me right now.

Here is the actual cover for the latest issue though –

Stylist 2

See how Burberry prominently displayed its product again!

Normally, I feel like being bombarded with too much ad or being ripped off for deceiving me to see ad on the cover instead of their regular whatever that they could present to the public; but in this case, I actually picked up the FREE magazine because I saw Cara and Kate. If I’ve seen Ellie on the stand, I possibly would have not stop to get one. I can’t possibly complain can’t I if they start with an ad because it is a free magazine afterall and it’s on me whether to take it or leave it. I am engaging to an unspoken rule that I will always have a choice and I don’t need to feel entitled.

Good job for Burberry for launching an ad campaign that was duly positioned by Stylist Arabia! I might possibly remember the perfume and who knows buy it if I like how it smells then I will purchase one. Darn I was just been influenced by a print ad! 😛

[1: 1,557 of 10,000] Answering In Quora

In Review on August 13, 2015 at 3:01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.53.23 PM

I recently joined Quora and it is making me answer questions with real perspective, to answer with an open mind and clear intentions, and it’s like walking on a very thin ice because I am posting with my real name and even display a biography who I believe as to where my point of view is coming from. It’s a good practice to writing well too especially on disecting a question without having all the facts from the person asking the question; and I lay ground a possible path that tells a story and easy to follow.

A lot of the people there are educated and a lot of the questions there were answerable by a regular folk like me who couldn’t be acting foolishly as to not send the wrong advice. Online forum gives everyone the freedom to speak their mind, but it takes a decent person to post with the right amount of intelligence and humanity to not offend, to disagree respectfully, and to bring light of a solution.

I am careful that I only answer the questions that I can be certain that it is going to be helpful. Getting an “upvote” other than the person asking the question is my hope that I can inspire or enlighten someone new. Otherwise, it isn’t a spank to my ego that I “pass” or I do not reply to remarks that don’t encourage a healthy intellectual exchange. It is important for me that I am authentic, that I can walk my talk, and I am grateful that my answers give someone peace of mind.

I am putting myself in the front row and I consult that God gives me the right wisdom to say what I believe is good to the right person.

Are you a member of Quora? How was your experience?

[1: 1,543 of 10,000] 5 LinkedIn InMail Credits

In Article on July 30, 2015 at 7:54 PM


I am panicking that I have to land to a new career ASAP so for the month of July I decided to take a LinkedIn Premium package that would allow me 5 InMail Credits, meaning I would be able to send a message, not a tweet, to any LinkedIn member of my choice. I could actually compose proper sentences and paragraphs to relay my desire to get hired!

Tomorrow is the last day of the month and so far here are how I have used them –

  1. I sent a message to Simon Sinek asking his brilliant idea about my brainchild business idea. So far he didn’t reply.
  2. I sent a message to a LinkedIn recruiter for an advertised opening. I received an email that I didn’t make it.
  3. I asked my online mentor about the best topic to post in LinkedIn. He didn’t reply so I just proceeded to post one that speaks to my gut and he previously admitted in his articles that he doesn’t usually reply back.
  4. I sent a message to a company owner to get hired today. Still waiting for a feedback.
  5. ?

It may be silly that I used two of my credits not for job opening but trying to pick the brain of two people that might never bother to reply, which is okay, but I am questioning my messages that if I made it interesting and witty enough, I could have gotten a reply. One last credit until tomorrow and I expect so much from myself.

Shall I be a job seeker or a fan?

[1: 1,529 of 10,000] My Fear In Starting A LinkedIn Post

In Article on July 16, 2015 at 11:59 PM

I have published 1,528 posts in this blog and more in my other blogs and yet I am scared to simply post an article in LinkedIn. I need to examine this because I am itching to post one so long as I have the right intention which is to share an amazing business ideas or real life experience that matters that would help people who work.

What’s stopping me?

  1. I am currently connected with a man who questioned my integrity and I am afraid that he’ll mock my view and shoot me down although he explicitly said he doesn’t want to see nor hear from me again. He blocked me in Facebook but not yet in LinkedIn.
  2. My post may help or jeopardize my future career move.
  3. I am not an expert. It feels like I have to be so great at something that I coud share.

I just have to suck it up and bring my wits into one place. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Why am I really posting?

  1. I love business and I want to share inspiring business ideas.
  2. I have to get over of my fears above! I don’t like to live in darkness.
  3. I want to be part of the amazing Influencers that I admire. It feels right to post if I honor the writer in me.

linkedin influencers

[1: 1,516 of 10,000] The Jokes On Me

In Article on July 3, 2015 at 9:58 AM


I feel overwhelmed with my current idea. I am losing grip on its goodness that I believe. Why is doubt lurking in? Although I have to entertain it so I can seriously address before the investor meeting tomorrow.

I am afraid.

  • Afraid that I am not able to handle the start-up.
  • Afraid that it is too shallow.
  • Afraid that it doesn’t help people.
  • Afraid of my haters.

On the otherhand, what if it works?

  • People will have a role model.
  • We have a new way of assessing what’s valuable in our life.
  • Any change needs organic growth.
  • Gain new respect and following that truly matters.

I have to take this shot, I am grateful for the opportunity that I will be heard, to share my idea. Isn’t that something and I have to silence my imaginary critique that unless it is constructive, it might as well shut up and let me work!

[1: 1,436 of 10,000] It’s Shopping Bags Organising Day!!

In Article on April 14, 2015 at 6:41 PM

Shopping Bags

I have the magnificent idea of storing all our shopping bags for future ‘recycle’ on top of our fridge. The biggest sort of paper bag was bursting with all the other bags that the lace handles are starting to obstruct the proper closure of the freezer. So, I finally get on to rearranging them by type and size to neatly store them. Not on top of the fridge but somewhere in our studio apartment, I hope my sister will accept the idea that under her home office table at the far corner would be acceptable. Waiting for her to come home from work and discuss the important matter. I will probably open that up after feeding her dinner.

The bags were consist from buying mostly for clothes and foods. Is it a sign of boosting the economy? Is it over consumerism? Is it living simply and in zen like? I remember last mid-year, we moved into the new apartment without any shopping bags, we usually throw all of them, now after about 9 months we’ve managed to accumulate lots. I am just overthinking about moving to a new place probably by June and just recalculating all the new stuffs make me question moving only after a year. I do love moving though, I like the part where we sell some stuffs and redecorate a new place. I am quite proud with this apartment, because it was the first time when I told my sister I am going to give you a shabby chic home, and I kind of did.

I am getting a bit emotional, no it’s not that time of the month yet, but probably soon. :p What have you organised lately?

[1: 1,434 of 10,000] #GirlBoss

In Review on April 10, 2015 at 2:04 PM


It’s now one of my favourite business books and it doesn’t even sound very businessy because the author Sophia Amoruso wrote it like how she learned not from a business school but from real life experience.

This Founder and Owner of the million dollar & very successful NastyGal.com fashion online store is a definite kick-ass!! And I’m not even exaggerating. It would be nice that whatever was written in the book was indeed authentic because if I’m treating it like really genuine, she rocks! The secret of her success is the combination of doing what she’s good at, loving everything she does, learning, loving her customer, listening, aiming to succeed, and working her butt off. It was not simple, it was smart and entails a lot of hard work.

My sister is not really fun of reading books so what I am going to do is read her every night before we go to bed; that way she learns business in a very real life scenario kind of way from one cool lady. I’m treating the book as a fairytale book for adult; dreams do come true and magic is real!