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[1: 1,460 of 10,000] Toasted White Bread & Butter

In Article on May 8, 2015 at 11:24 AM

Who do you believe nowadays? They said brown bread is better than white; and then another study says all along white bread is better at keeping your brain healthier in the long run. Who is telling the truth?

Here’s what I live by.

I listen to my gut feeling even if it’s not nutritionally smart like who wants to eat greasy Chinese noodles (I do!)

Since the beginning of time, I love white bread, whether it’s good or bad to my body, I eat what is palatable! I also like butter on top of my bread, salted preferred, and I want white sugar for my tea or coffee. To the health conscious reading this, yes I may die sooner than anticipated or I may not.

Toasted White Bread & Butter

I think anything in life, moderation is key, and unless a certain action is really inexcusable, then no amount of moderation can defend it. Killing a man with a single gun shot in his head for instance is a no no but giving him white bread and salted butter every single day of his life, well you’re on to something. 😛