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[1: 2,006 of 10,000] Calling

In Article on November 7, 2020 at 8:02 PM

Did you ever experience being called to something unknown but there’s a deeper knowing that you’re going to be okay, better than you could ever been?

Did you ever felt that you’re special, unique beyond measures, and yet one and the same with all.

I am called to have faith that my duality will lead me to a whole life. In me is a feminine and masculine energies, both important, equal, and divine.

I am called to harness my creativity. Feel life moving through me and catch the spark of love emanating. To add focus because I do have the desire to share my testament that peace, healing, and believing to love are achievable.

It will not always be a rosy journey and in those moments, I am then called to keep a positive attitude. In my darkest hours when I was younger, I don’t normally grief, I default to becoming optimistic and trusts that there’s a positive spin, a good reason of why things turned out the way they did. Now that I’ve grown, I see the value of recognizing the moments to feel the pain, give myself a time to cry, and then comfort myself that I’ve learned a valuable lesson, and when I’m strong enough, take the step to move forward, baby steps if need be.

What are you called to do?

[1: 1,431 of 10,000] 4 Things That You Can Do Everyday If You Haven’t Unveil Your Passion

In Article on April 7, 2015 at 9:47 PM

What can you do everyday if you have not unveil your passion? I hope you find these suggestions helpful because people have certain way of jam, so give this a try for a week, and if it doesn’t spark anything, I can still assure you that it would give a positive vibe into your life, think of it as an adventure!

On real actions – that needs your energy, time, and focus:

First: Create anything. Making something out of nothing with the use of your intellect and all other senses. For instance, write a blog post, cook a meal, make an origami, plant a seed, find an elusive item, sort out a problem, or anything that you can think of and accessible to you. Create with proper care and presence while you do it, and smiling in action could make it fun, not cray cray.

Second: Learn something new through reading a book or even a magazine, listening from an elderly, watching youtube videos, or in any way that you think you’ll pick up something new to stimulate your brain. You may even want to learn first and then create or doing it simultaneously. Human is too creative to be boxed.

To continue, remember these 2 goals in doing the above 2 exercises:

Third: Whatever you start from the “creation” and “learning,” make sure to finish. Not finishing isn’t only going to disappoint you but it won’t give you the satisfaction that you are moving. It’s a good way to release the dopamine chemical too that gives you a happy high.

Fourth: Be grateful that you are acting to find your calling, you may be clueless now but you are moving and the more we say grace, the more we get that magical idea even out of nowhere that sprung into our wild imagination. Just don’t give up, give it a go!

Image from Bespoke Letterpress

You are alive not because you just need to exist. You are on a mission to fulfil your purpose. Why is it so important?

If you live your passion, you get fulfilment. It’s not going to be easy but it feels worth every blood, sweat, and tears. And guess what, there is no one out there or those who have ever lived and yet to live to do it better than you. It’s your very unique mission; how cool is that! It is that kind of story that the world hang in a balance and you know exactly how to save the day.

Another big clue for what it should be, it is BIGGER than you. We have a big God, expect grand, and definitely multiplied happiness. Your calling serves so many people, not necessarily a raving fan, but you’re the human with so much love to give that you serve, even if you don’t get paid, but God as He’s always been bless you more than you can ever imagine.

[1: 1,352 of 10,000] I Am Paving My Dream

In Journal on October 11, 2014 at 9:33 AM

Many HatsI am hitting rock bottom to the extent of feeling depressed and wanting to die now. I am seeking the answer of why am I really here beside the fact that God loves me. I am losing the will to survive and have been comfortable to be a mediocre and not pursue what I was truly meant to do for the rest of my life, to live the gift I was bestowed with, my calling. I put on different masks, hats, or roles that it overwhelmed me to do the things that grind me to bits, delivering without the consequence of dying in some time. I have no enthusiasm and it is frustrating and making me defensive and grumpy.

I couldn’t complain but I could leave and live what will bring my heart in a present being and be loving filled with true joy. I will start to make my plan towards my calling because if I don’t do it I could just take a knife and take my life because there is nothing worst that being in so much despair and sobbing.

My calling is nudging me now. I have asked the question why am I here and now it is pushing me to answer it, ACT on it. I need to be ready to face it with a lot of courage and conquer my fears. I am afraid that when I go on writing with the best selling book on a way that I do not know how, I will starve but the universe is conspiring to lead me to it beautifully. Paulo Coelho said, “If you don’t fear the unknown, the unknown will be kind to you.” And guess what, God was never tired to love and grace me that He leads me to watch this video that answered so many of my doubts, an interview of Oprah Winfrey with an amazing soul Elizabeth Gilbert. Watch it as it may speak to you as it does to me – http://www.oprah.com/own-super-soul-sunday/Full-Episode-Elizabeth-Gilbert-Part-1-Video.

I got to keep on writing now and the spark in my heart just got perked up and lusciously excited.