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[1: 1,763 of 10,000] My Thinking In My Last Year of College

In Journal on July 24, 2016 at 11:12 PM


In my last year of college, our school’s guidance office surveyed us if we are ready to face the real world, and I felt like of course not, how can I be ready to be an adult? It feels like I didn’t have the right skill set to land on my best career path.

It was 16 long years ago! In my senior year, I was one of the favourites of our Commerce Department dean (professors tend to like the students who they don’t really need to encourage to study, I love college and being one of the few dean’s listers proved it); I was an Associate Editor for our literary folio (my ultimate dream organisation in college and lucky to be part of it in 2 years out of good connection); I was the Editor-in-chief of our college yearbook (biggest compliment is being vindicated that I can release the yearbook immediately right after graduation); and yet I don’t feel ready to face the world.

First job was being surrounded by smart and young people. I was part of an online company and I was working with the very first job portal of the country. I was surprised to find out that I totally don’t get paid if I am absent from work. I didn’t know about labour laws that when I leave I get paid for something they call gratuity. I thought life is about having fun and work is part of it. I go to the office to make new friends like when I was in school. I didn’t know office politics or romance (or even illicit love affairs done by my bosses!) My adult long time friends until now are the ones I met on my first job, now that’s something.

I will never be ready for anything, at least not as the way I thought it would be, but it was important that I am open to change, committed for hard work, and I enjoy what I am doing. It helped and a bonus that I gained friends, learned new tricks, and I am up to keep starting whenever I venture into a new career path. One day, it will be my very own company and me lounging in the beach writing my next book.

[1: 1,584 of 10,000] Is Marriage Like Signing Up For A Career?

In Article on September 9, 2015 at 2:33 PM


Marriage that used to last a lifetime seems to turn into a business contract that it could end faster than it started. Is it really true that there are too many divorces in countries that allowed it?

Is human becomes too agitated to gain pleasure and excitement instantly all the time but never have the courage to take on the works for enriching a relationship? Are choices and freedom that are freely available give human ticket to do whatever they want?

Having a partner for a lifetime is wonderful. Who am I kidding that marriage is similar to a career? A spouse encompasses more than a paper but sharing a life forever.

I hope before a couple enter into a relationship they have a good intention to grow better together. Good intentions will include loving one another, remain faithful, support one another’s personal dreams too, and enjoying life together. Speak with kindness and live with generosity, being a team, would be very ideal.

Now that I’ve found a perfect career, do I start entertaining in meeting the perfect partner? Yay, love!

[1: 366 of 10,000] Dubai Pink Taxi

In Reference on September 17, 2011 at 12:40 AM

Dubai has the so called “Pink Taxi” that is driven by a female who wears cute pink uniform almost similar to a flight stewardess’ and they cater for passengers like ladies and families.