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[1: 1,459 of 10,000] Will Jollibee At Dubai Mall Serve Half A Million Filipinos First Before I Can Buy?

In Review on May 7, 2015 at 8:15 AM

I adore Dubai because I feel safe and there are always so many places to visit even with luxurious feel into it. Jollibee is a trusted and beloved hamburger (but I love their chicken + gravy + rice, palabok, and peach mango pie – yes, very specific) chain in the Philippines established in 1978 (just 2 years older than me) and it opened its branch at Dubai Mall on May 4, 2015.

According to Gulf News report, there is an estimated half a million Filipinos residing in Dubai (but news been told that Filipinos in other emirates were traveling to Dubai Mall to buy too), and so after 3 days that it is open, how was the queue looked like –

Jollibee Dubai Mall

There is still a long queue and I am not a fan of waiting 4 hours just to buy my favourite Chicken Joy with their own concoction of gravy and I was even dreaming I hope they’ve brought the rice grains that they use in the Philippines. People who have tried said that it is as authentic as the one served back home.

Can Jollibee a better basis for patriotism, too much? I tried to visit the store twice yesterday but the queue didn’t die down and I really don’t want to stand in line, I would probably taste it next month!!

It is one of the foods that my sister asks her friend to bring to Dubai when they came from their Manila vacation. And it will be definitely one of the food chains I will grab a bite if I visit Manila. Why do my sissy and I liked Jollibee?

Ultimate reason is the taste. The flavour is exactly the type of food that we love to eat. And maybe subconsciously, we have emotional attachment to it. It reminds us of home, childhood, and what is ‘familiar’. Memories, though should not be dwelt upon, are comforting and warms the heart. I would not blame or discourage my fellow Filipinos to be patient just to have that happy feeling, as for me, Jollibee Dubai Mall you’re on my list!