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[1: 1,427 of 10,000] Therapist Wakes Up Pain Bodies?!

In Article on April 2, 2015 at 11:51 PM

Counselling and Support

I was speaking to a therapist yesterday and she noticed that I was quite young when my parents passed away. I was 22 when Papa died of a heart attack and I was 31 when Mama died of a colorectal cancer. When my godparents visited me last February here in Dubai, they mentioned that it is a pity that I no longer have my parents. For a bit, this dialogue does crack my heart, but I usually recover fast to hold up any tear that threatens to drop.

I should not feel bad that I lost my parents because they gave me inspiring memories and they raised me to be capable of holding myself. Everybody will soon leave, and it was their time. The real challenge is what will I do to honour this gift of life that is given to me. I have to follow my heart and do what makes me happy and should be able to touch others’ lives too.

I am extremely grateful that I am starting to find my stillness and behold that the kingdom of God is in the midst of me and you. We are holy. We are just too stubborn to keep listening to the small voice in our head that usually cost us sufferings from either being too arrogant, to feel special, to seek for drama, or even compete of being miserable and dwell on self-pity. Our ego is trying to convince us that we are not good enough but if we are truly aware of how beautiful we are and that the miracle is just waiting for us to open up to let it flow, we are all going to be happy and helping one another to spread love and inspiration; and also living with empowered thoughts that translate to wonderful creations.

The truth is I want to become a counsellor, the therapist that I met gave me the bottom line facts on where I should start. I invested AED 600 for an hour session, but it was a good decision to understand this new world that I am not familiar at all. It’s a long expensive track but I shall be devoted to be there and contribute to the world and most especially to the innocent young people. There is a way and I got time. 🙂

[1: 1,238 of 10,000] Oprah Says No Child

In Article on December 12, 2013 at 8:42 AM

Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy

I love Oprah Winfrey. She inspires me like no other and could speak right through my soul.

She decided not to marry until now and to not have a child too as reported on New York Daily News.

I do have my personal take that a union of a man and woman should be sealed by a marriage before anyone could have a child. If I would be the child, most likely like what the children of Brad and Angelina demanded that the couple should have a wedding and confirm a true Mr. & Mrs. I am an old school Catholic.

I know that she’s a very optimistic person and I can’t believe she would think her children would hate her. She’s a great person and I am definitely sure she will find ways to lovingly raise her children. It is her choice and in life we do pick the path that we want, the priority that we set for ourselves so more would benefit for our great existence.

When I first heard this news from the radio, I was thinking that I should write a blog post that would point out how it is going to be a lost that there won’t be a piece of Oprah’s heart in the world when she leaves (considering of course that the child will live longer than his/her mom)… Then I realised that a woman doesn’t really need to bear a child! After all, Oprah has truly mothered children in Africa who then will make wonderful contribution in the world, future women who will bring a different deeper sense of delicate hope that radiates, and it is more than enough not to question if she chose not to have a child.