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[1: 2,065 of 10,000] My Choice Is My Life

In Journal on October 12, 2021 at 8:26 PM

I noticed that I have mental patterns like tempted to make excuses, put the blame on someone when I’m hurt, take on victim mentality, or simply pack up and leave without looking back. With those protective patterns, I know that I have to grow if I want to live free and empowered.

Life goes on with or without me, it just moves and evolves, the question is will I participate?

What I make out of my life starts from my decision whether it involves an action or inaction. It would be best that I am conscious and take responsibility in every choice that I make. It’s truly liberating the moment I stopped looking outside of myself and check in what do I really love, what is my truth.

It’s a beautiful world and I’d like to participate, to contribute my romance of optimism and curiosity, to create stories and poetries, and to hold space for love and forgiveness to rise. I’m healing every constraining patterns I’ve accumulated and inherited and it’s time for a rebirth to show others the way of lighting up and bloom where ever we are.

[1: 1,770 of 10,000] Respect & Honour

In Article on July 31, 2016 at 11:43 PM


Respect and honour the choices of every man. Let him decide and learn on its own. Give the space he needed to grow better.

It is true that as we live each day and we have dared to try new things and commit all types of mistakes, whether silly, accidents, or honest mistakes, it is only then that we say we learn from experience and we get better. We develop an intrinsic compass not to commit the same mistake. And at those moments, we still have to respect and honour one another. No one is perfect and it’s all right because we can start all over by having another day.

So dare and live.


[1: 421 of 10,000] The Beauty of a Choice

In Aphorism on November 1, 2011 at 12:01 AM

Whether right or wrong making my own choice is the most beautiful of all; but I hope I learn, I hope I gain wisdom, and every time I make a new choice it gets better, it’s the best.

Inspired by Scott Berkun.