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[1: 1,646 of 10,000] It Is One of Those Days

In Journal on November 9, 2015 at 7:17 AM

Sleeping Baby

It is one of those days when I needed three more hours of uninterrupted sleep. To lounge and stretch in my comfy bed. To enjoy not doing and worrying about anything.

Then I hear a podcast about church as told by Steve Chalke and it is inspiring, realistics, challenging but possible to serve others. I reminded myself that I needed to bathe and prepare for work where I can serve.

Is it weird or is it me that I am sensing something from my colleagues who don’t seem to appreciate the works that they do? They forget why they do it. They think blurting they are bored, would rather have tea, and trying to fit me in their notion is really going to work well. Is it one of those seasons that we speak our story even if they are not nurturing?

I bend my knees and pray. When I pray, I have this sudden surge of gladness that would keep me energised for the day. It is all I wanted, to get through the day with wonderful and loving thoughts toward everybody. It is not too much to ask. Definitely not too much to ask.

[1: 829 of 10,000] I Am A Traditional Roman Catholic

In Journal on November 10, 2012 at 7:18 AM

I am a traditional Roman Catholic. I may appreciate the modern things, the radical ideas, but in terms of religion I want it simple, routine, and ceremonial. I am not suitable for Born Again where they sing and dance to praise, I am not saying it is bad but that isn’t me.

I watched the Girl With Dragon Tattoo, the Daniel Craig version, and Martin the secret serial killer said, “Let me ask you something? Why don’t people trust their instincts? They sense something is wrong, someone is walking too close behind them… You knew something was wrong but you came back into the house. Did I force you, did I drag you in? No. All I had to do was offer you a drink. It’s hard to believe that the fear of offending can be stronger than the fear of pain. But you know what? It is. And they always come willingly. And then they sit there. They know it’s all over just like you do but somehow they still think they have a chance. Maybe if I say the right thing? Maybe if I’m polite. If I cry, if I beg. And when I see the hope draining from their face like it is from yours right now. I can feel myself getting hard. You know, we’re not that different, you and I. We both have urges, satisfying mine requires more towels.”

I am not comparing religion from a thought of a serial killer; it is just the reality that I am into not offending people that I often get caught not expressing what I really feel. Is it because there are just some things that need to be said? There is a particular group sort of born again that I wanted to join but when they started singing and dancing all at the same time I melt and have the urge to run away – it is very uncomfortable. I never told them that but I never again attended one of their meetings. If I told them they will not change their ways but just maybe they will make me feel better and explain my very reserved feeling.