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[1: 1,698 of 10,000] Teach Them or Mock Them

In Article on March 26, 2016 at 8:17 PM

I have colleagues at work who couldn’t help but notice the imperfections of other colleagues and then it gets me thinking how about we help them instead to improve than complaining about their weaknesses.

Is it weird that I felt bad when we try to find what’s wrong instead of helping somebody overcome the flaws because everybody is imperfect!

It takes effort to be truly helpful.

It takes compassion to speak only of love for growing and not leave with only unhelpful mocking.

I think I have outgrown indulging to speak about what is wrong behind someone’s back instead I would rather express it to the person and offer a solution.

May we have the courage to nurture people. To appreciate our differences and grow stronger together.