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[1: 1,880 of 10,000] Learning Heartache

In Journal on May 25, 2017 at 1:36 PM

I don’t know if I have properly love somebody but I could certainly agree that I have obsessed with various men hoping that they love me back. Do they call that unrequited love? Or am I so cray cray that they ran as far and fast that they could?

In my search for true love, I go back to the Bible’s definition of it, I still believe it is the most legit to consult for the purest meaning of anything in life, didn’t they even put HOLY to emphasize the divinity of it? 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 is my go to definition.

What I learned though, at the very moment that I am in love (or obsessed) with someone, my mind constantly associate him in almost anything that I come across. It could be another movie star, a thing, and yet everything that reminds me of him totally vanished its power the moment I am over him.

I always thought I will never see Chris Pratt or Michael Fassbender the same way again because their lips remind me of somebody I thought I love; but now that I see these two movie stars, I couldn’t even remember his face clearly as I used to. I just laugh now whenever I remember the days that I was crying over him and getting jealous without even having the right position to do so. It’s messed up and I am relieved that I am over it.

To those who suffer with lost love, it’ll pass. You will heal and I say that without bitterness.

[1: 1,236 of 10,000] High BP

In Article on December 10, 2013 at 8:33 PM

Blood Pressure33 and a high blood pressure?

There is something in my chest for months now making me breath hard. Yeah, quite ‘me’ unhealthy!

  1. It could be my depression causing me to emotionally eat, gaining weight, and recklessly enveloping my heart with fats. Damn those delicous Coke Light (I love light, less calories?) and bags of chips.
  2. My unrequited love? I am secretly in love with somebody who would never be mine. The subtle pinch of jealousy doesn’t help because he’s such a tease to every lady with boobs, long legs, and eye candy face. He’s also engaged to be married. The picture is so wrong, trust me, my twisted mind, hopeless romantic heart, and lustful feeling are as confused as my supposedly witty brain.
  3. I am super overwhelmed and stressed out at the office. No explanation to elaborate, I am simply working the roles of 5 people.

I visited a doctor and the blood pressure was way too high. It could also mean that I was just nervous having my reading taken alone. Oh, will it contribute too that I checked my work mail before going in to the clinic for check-up? I almost cried in front of the doctor too when I was telling him I am just too tired at the office.

My ECG was all right. I was asked to check my pressure for the next 2 weeks, have my blood taken, but I just not up for it. I know exactly what I need to do, RELAX and get off all my shits.

[1: 1,180 of 10,000] Crazy One

In Journal on October 19, 2013 at 12:00 AM

not crazy
A crazy one is blogging almost all throughout the night not because she shall gain popularity nor make money out of it – she does it for pure soul gratification and a sense of achievement of accomplishing a commitment.

A crazy one is continuously pursuing to find what’s worthwhile in life despite the continuous heartaches and learning to love over and over.

A crazy one is believing of the good and remembering to forgive.

A crazy one is accepting the beautiful present and living it even if the chaos is pouring in heavily.

A crazy one finds reason and logic as existing but find “magic” as the most essential for breathing.

I am a crazy one.

[1: 953 of 10,000] Kookoo Talk

In Article on March 9, 2013 at 2:15 PM

Bird House Clock

I talk to hear my voice, replay conversation, or visualize things – I talk without anyone in front of me when I am alone. The moment I talk without anyone in front of me then people see me do it, they would either think I am talking to a ghost (which is unlikely) or a kookoo crazy person (more likely).

I met a person who talks her mind too loud. I personally think she too is either talking to a ghost or a kookoo person. It is quite sad that it is not the normal thing to do but that is her. I tried to tell her about keeping her thought in her mind when she’s around people but it didn’t work. I will never be able to change her and I shouldn’t. I don’t see her now but last time I heard she was bullied and fighting.

We got to be nicer to unique people!

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