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[1: 1,795 of 10,000] What Should We Do With Feedback?

In Article on November 7, 2016 at 12:00 AM


I heard Eva Longoria shared what she learned from Hillary Clinton about feedback and it’s absolutely a good one for us to reflect on and do, “Take criticism seriously but not personally.

We have to be honest, drop the assumptions and the arrogance, and explore if the criticism has really a merit and invites a room for improvement and greatness. Sometimes it is not simply wanting to achieve perfection but we have to acknowledge that a magnificent creation elicits pride, it inspires, and lasts a lifetime. If we are too close to our project, we tend to be blind and miss the flaws, and at this point a critical outsider eye would just be the right flash of genius that’s needed.

Another crucial ingredient is for us not to take it personally. It is painful to be judged especially if we know we’re human who have poured our heart out. But despite the brutality of reality, know that our very essence as a human will never be imperfect, believe that.

The kindest way that we can do to put off the fire of either depression or anger out from the criticism is forgiveness. If the delivery of the critic is harsh, let us forgive him. If we’ve truly made a mistake, let us forgive ourselves.

Then start again, with the focus and determination not to make the same mistake.

[1: 1,639 of 10,000] Criticism Harms Others As Well

In Article on November 2, 2015 at 6:22 AM

Steven Pressfield shares, “Criticism and cruelty harm others as well.”

It is good to examine where does one’s criticism comes from and what is the intention. I don’t always voice out my complains, I don’t always share my opinion, because I believed that it is always a rare privilege if I offer mine and the fact that not all people are ready to hear it.

A criticism that comes from a kind place though its truth stings, is not without encouragement for progress. It improves things to work better. It can also break the lies and pretentions. A proper criticism helps, but I got to be careful to the fact that it should not harm.

I say it’s a privilege because a true criticism will not seek selfless gain but it improves the criticised. It is giving a service provider for instance a chance to redeem itself and make a do over.

Time reveals the true colors of individuals. May I be consistent in improving. May I have the courage to be truthful on what I reveal. May I have the audacity to take criticism well. May I have the eloquence to speak criticism to turn someone into someone better that he already is.


[1: 401 of 10,000] When You Fall in the Trap of Listening Too Much Criticism – Remember This Tale

In Article on October 13, 2011 at 11:25 AM

You probably heard the old tale about the “The Miller, His Son and The Donkey” but if not here is a quick summary:

  1. The miller together with his son traveled to the market to sell their donkey.
  2. On their journey, they decided to walk beside the donkey and they were criticized for not riding it.
  3. When the father gets on, he is mocked for making his young son walk.
  4. When the son rides, he is blamed for making his elderly father on foot.
  5. When both ride, they are berated for overburdening the animal.
  6. Finally, the father and son carried the donkey while passing a bridge, when people saw this they laughed and the commotion scared the donkey that eventually leads its masters to drop it off the bridge and it died.

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