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[1: 1,561 of 10,000] The Joy In Being Cruel

In Journal on August 17, 2015 at 8:36 AM


It is sad that people are not fully awakened and are still drawn to be cruel and do bad things to protect a false identity. I am not free from fault and I also feel bad when my conscience starts checking why have I done that in the first place, what was I thinking? Oh there it is, I was thinking too much.

  • I believe that there is always a better way instead of the easy false track.
  • I believe that if I would be wiser and diligent, I will find the way.
  • I believe that if I pause and stop my assumptions, I could see things as they are.
  • If I don’t share my assumptions then we could see things as they are.
  • If I let life just be while I keep doing my best then I could let things just go.

Regret is the worst thing to do than asking for forgiveness. Forgiveness is good but if a man could have just remained present then forgiveness was not even required. But, we are learning everyday, we are not always perfect, but we can always try to move forward.

I hope, I could only hope, that I will not again break a man’s trust, crumple a heart, and speak my truth to shame a man. I hope I’ll know the difference of truly helping a man in distress and not to be part of their ego tripping their pain bodies.

[1: 584 of 10,000] Does Hazing Really Proved Loyalty?

In Article on March 16, 2012 at 4:17 PM

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist nor I joined any sorority, in short I didn’t experience any hazing.

Hazing is the physical and psychological abused intended to a person who wanted to become a member of an exclusive group.

This is my attempt to scrutinize this action where the one being hurt actually gave his consent just to prove he is worthy to be part of the exclusive group. The promised benefit at the end is brotherhood.

The logic is if a person can endure the abuse then he has proven his loyalty. How was it done? Booze and Bruise! There is a tendency of death so is it done right?

The underlying question is can pain really a good equivalent for loyalty? Think of what are you loyal about in your life? Are you loyal of anything? How did you get to that state? Is an actual pain a real test or it was a psychological thought that once you’ve endured the pain your mindset is changed and your loyalty is never to be broken?

For the promise of brotherhood (or a silent promise of be loyal to us and we’ll protect you from anything), will you ever hurt someone to enjoy power? Or to hurt as a revenge (it was done to me now it’s my turn to do it to someone else)? Wait up! Will you really hurt someone so bad and at the end of the pain you take his hand, embrace him, and call him your brother? (It sounds absurd and twisted!)

For the person who will do anything to belong, is it worth it?

The way I see it, the act is CRUELTY.

In an actual NEWS, a law student is yet again killed by fellow law students. Isn’t lawyer will work to protect people from being abused and actually put the perpetrator in jail? Or what am I saying of course they didn’t know that, the whole point of being a student and still learning. (I am mocking in my mind relentlessly right now.)

In some interviews on why does hazing had to be done – the most common answer is it’s tradition. If tradition start killing a person there is a good reason to review it and start creating a new one!

Why do we need to turn to negativity to reinforce a positive outcome? Is that to really create a balance? I think it would have been better if the initiation to make someone belong to a group is for that someone to be challenged on what he can do to keep the group a better one. If it’s for instance a fraternity of soon-to-be lawyers, why not find a case and defend the impossible with a real lawyer of course and if he does win it then he is worthy to belong in a group who has the same belief as his. There are so many positive ways – we should not forget what is morally right and what is kind.

For those who still intend to use a paddle to find out a man’s endurance and loyalty, I hope every time you hit someone, it breaks your heart, but if you can’t feel a bite in your heart, I am sorry to say that you’re in a wrong place and you don’t deserve to hold a paddle.