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[1: 1,452 of 10,000] Is That My Tears’ Purpose?

In Article on April 30, 2015 at 5:37 PM

Life seeks balance. There is life and so is death. Choose to be sad or happy. Shall you laugh or cry?

Tearing UpI break into tears too easily. It’s either I have a very sensitive feeling or my heart turns into marshmallow. I once burst into tears in the office and my main concern is wasting too much tissue paper (hence killing trees faster) or the repercussion of possibly having a headache after the deed. I get really emotional during my period although even on normal days some memories and thoughts trigger me to sob. I try my best not to let anyone see my tears in public like somewhere in the middle of a mall or in a coffee shop.

I read this today: “A 2011 Israeli study published in the journal Science found that female tears contain an odorless chemical that appears to reduce testosterone levels in men; high levels of testosterone are associated with aggression, so one function of women’s tears, it seems, could be to stop men who are on the attack.” (Source: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/How-to-Stop-Crying-Controlling-Your-Emotions#ixzz3YlGPKBFm) One particular person is capable of making me cry, he is a very aggressive man, so now I wonder, was I meant to exist to calm him down? Was that my purpose at all right now? It just couldn’t be.

They are usually sad tears. Why do I have so much sadness in my heart provided I do have so much to be grateful for? Was that a balance inside me too so I’ll be more emphatic? I’ll figure it out soon. 😉