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[1: 1,430 of 10,000] In My Kate Spade Bag Today

In List, Photo on April 6, 2015 at 11:36 PM

In My Kate Spade Bag I carry a lot in my Kate Spade black bag, let’s see –

  1. Navy Blue Tory Burch long wallet. The best wallet to not fold the paper bills, makes it very neat.
  2. Powder Blue Kate Spade wallet. I have a pretty good explanation for having a 2nd wallet. This is the wallet I simply grab if I plan to use a smaller bag and it has my essential cards from driving license to bank cards. It’s soft and very light so it’s almost irrelevant, weight wise.
  3. Mini Clarins Joli Rouge Soft Berry 705 lipstick.
  4. 2GB Everon USB stick, just in case!
  5. Apartment key with a Harrods double decker London bus key chain.
  6. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell 75ml Body Mist.
  7. Extra Sugarfree Chewing Gum Strawberry Flavor. Sugarfree but still sweet, if it’s not sweet or a fruity flavour, forget about offering it to me.
  8. Apple EarPods for convenient long overseas calls, particularly in Australia.
  9. Pilot V5 Hi-Techpoint 0.5 blue pen if I need to write about serious business matters.
  10. Pilot Twin Marker (Extra Fine & Fine) when I need to write on slippery pages or surfaces like a CD.
  11. Muji 0.38 powder blue pen, which I love to use when writing on my journal or organiser. I know I have 3 types of writing pens, it’s not a lot, each has its particular purpose. 😉
  12. Nokia phone for my ex-company to call or text me. I am trying to forget somebody from that office and containing myself to compulsively text him.
  13. iPhone 5s for my uber personal use.
  14. NAVA One Year of White Pages, I am now using the 4th (evident by the 4 holes at top right) month notebook, which is my daily gratitude journal and daily idea go to notebook. Love the leather like cover and the inside pages were soft sepia colour.
  15. Best Selling Authors Bootcamp by Bo Sanchez. I usually carry 1 book. Finished this today finally!!
  16. Muji Weekly Organiser.

What’s in your bag today? 😀