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[1: 1,974 of 10,000] I Signed Up For Tinder, Again

In Article on February 1, 2020 at 7:08 PM

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Last December 15, 2019, for the third time, I signed up for Tinder. Again, not because I was out of a relationship, but because I was scared to be in one. If I am not playing my card right, I’ll be the female version of the 40-year-old virgin this year.

First time I signed up in Dubai years ago, I didn’t like the choices of men, so after a day, I deleted the account. The second time I signed up in Dubai, I saw someone I knew, so without a second thought, I immediately deleted my account. Now, the third time and sign up while I was in Copenhagen for vacation, I am finally giving love a chance and determined to let love simmer into my life. Also, Copenhagen is filled with good looking people who have great taste in creating artful things, I thought if I will look for a mate, it’s a place that’s a viable place with a great array of choices. Despite seeing two people I knew in the dating app when back home in Dubai, it wasn’t enough to scare me this time and so I hold on.

After 1 month, I stumble upon a guy that is potentially I want to love. Big word, right? He makes me laugh, he knows how to use the proper punctuation marks (oh I can’t emphasize enough how satisfying that is), and he answers all questions when we chat. It’s a pickle that there are that 5,598 kilometers distance between us but it’s just one plane ticket away if we really think it’s worth giving this possible connection a chance. The best part of all is he calms me down, I am a worrier and overthink a lot of things and him being attentive, insightful, and never fails to respond to my message… I mean I can honestly admit that I’m starting to like him. Will he be the reason why I would finally be deleting my Tinder account for good? I hope! xx

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[1: 719 of 10,000] Dubai Dating Sites

In Journal on August 17, 2012 at 7:24 AM

I was snooping to Dubai Dating Sites the other night and I found myself absolutely silly for doing it. I got to admit that the right way to meet a man is to actually meet someone in the flesh (don’t get too imaginative about the word ‘flesh’). On some point I thought if I myself found meeting someone tasking in person – oh I guess I am not really up for it if I am still not putting an effort.

To share the experience I found a man who posted he isn’t smoking but in one his photos he was clearly holding and almost hiding a cigarette. After a couple of minutes (yes not hours) of browsing I stopped because it made me realize that the type of man I need won’t be there. He is out chasing the world.

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