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[1: 784 of 10,000] I Am Reading Your Diary

In Journal on October 2, 2012 at 8:15 PM

During the ride home from work tonight, my sisters, a friend and I was sharing about reading someone else’s diary.

Our youngest sister read my other sister’s high school diary. Diary’s owner was a bit embarrassed but after awhile they were even talking about the entries. Really weird but funny. I saw the cute bonding that they have that I suggested that my youngest sissy to read mine too, she declined! I’m wondering why but it is probably because I write a lot and it is too much to read. 😀

I am the luckiest for having a mother who understood privacy. She never snooped our things and she actually scolded my youngest sissy for reading the diary. I swear I would never read my children’s Journal unless they let me or it’s a matter of crucial life and death situation.

Our friend said her sister read her diary and they fought. Our friend got an entry about her sister and it was chaos after the discovery. Her mother was a snooper too so whew I’m glad I don’t have her life.

Right now, this is my online diary and you’re reading it. 🙂 I don’t mind.