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[1: 1,397 of 10,000] Creative Writers You’ll Love This EG Talk

In Article on January 30, 2015 at 8:28 PM

I love Elizabeth Gilbert and I love TED Talks so combining them together is a definite inspiring outcome!

She talks about creativity and a sort of magical being that helps every writer to come up with a genius masterpiece. It is a wonderful reminder not to be cocky and claim that all great works was a result of our personal effort. It is true that we are contributor especially when we show up to do the actual action, bearing the rejections, continue learning, and never stop writing as it is part of who we are, and with divine intervention, we are envelope with a different madness of genius and we smile for a job well done.

I am not a published author yet, but as I go back to some of my blog posts, I sometimes wonder if those words truly came out from me, because I don’t seem to recognise the thoughts, it’s not being cocky admiring myself for it, but it is exactly what Liz was talking about, that it is not all just me, it shouldn’t be.

I wish your writing with great love and true joy, and having it very successful as a bonus!