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[1: 1,551 of 10,000] American Idol XIV For The Last Time

In Review on August 7, 2015 at 10:24 PM

American Idol XIV

The American Idol is rolling for the last time? I heard last time but I wonder why do the judges tell the contestants who didn’t make it for Hollywood to come back next year? Anyway I’m watching and as usual enjoying the audition episode.

I am grateful to see passionate singers sharing their talent and witnessing that one of their dreams to come true. I remembered being so invested to certain contestants and not seeing them as the grand finals winners sadden me. After learning the power of now and unattachment, I simply marvel to these amazing individuals speak to my soul.

I still love “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and it was sung by a certain Cody but I will never forget the magic when Katharine McPhee sung it in 2006. You can’t deny that some people could command a presence and there are undeniable moments that the judges could immediately in agreement. The judges are super nice and authentic to their stand. I am happy when three singers join a contestant for a jam; absolutely unscripted and a treat. It’s my first time to witness these three judges for Idol – Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr.; I used to love Simon not for the drama and ego but when he’s unapologetic to say his honest opinion.

Here’s to another season of American Idol!

[1: 1,519 of 10,000] I Kept Forgetting My Dreams

In Journal on July 6, 2015 at 10:24 AM

Loosing my energy and getting so worked up stopped me from remembering my dreams. Few days back I was into interpreting my dreams by decoding their meanings, it seems to make sense, combing every strands of scenarios and unlocking the desires and thoughts of my own subconscious. But lately, I couldn’t hold on to those dreams and they slipped through my grasp.

I am a little disappointed but I am not going to make it a big deal, but today, I remembered my dream again and it could clearly denotes that I am back with my senses and strong in energy. I am supposed to finish finalising the eBook since yesterday so it could go to an artist for book cover design, and eventually publish in Amazon Kindle. Woohooo I am back! It feels good to be well!


[1: 1,511 of 10,000] Good Morning at 1AM, 4AM, 8AM, and Finally 9AM

In Journal on June 28, 2015 at 11:51 AM

Good Morning

I am home alone and I thought it’s a good time to gather my thoughts and accomplish numerous crucial tasks. Well, I had a bubble bath (love this activity forever) last night and as soon as I hit the bed at 7PM (I am in Dubai, it’s summer, believe me when I tell you that the sun is still up) because my bed was so inviting. My laptop and the book I am keen to finish were at my bedside table, and yet doing anything is not appealing at all. I prayed and then doze off after being awake for 15 hours.

I don’t set alarm nowadays but my biological clock woke me up at 1AM. Normally, that’s the time I hit the bed, so my body thought it’s a funny prank to wake me up. I ignored my body clock, I thought it’s not funny at all, so instead of getting up early again and start reading a book, I doze off.

My dream that I am a Princess woke me up. My father sort of a King was not at home, so the Army General approached my Queen Mother for permission to kill some angry and disloyal people. I was present in the conversation and voiced out my comment saying, “Why is killing the immediate solution that you can think of? You are asking my mother’s permission so she can be blamed? Why are they angry in the first place?” I woke up believing I’ve always wanted to go to the root cause of an agression and address it, instead of judging the symptoms that fascade the truth. I think this was the time that I had an idea on what to write for today’s blog post, I have not written it down so I forgot, instead I am sharing my Good Morning alarms.

8AM, I saw the sun greeting me, and gleefully tried to open my eyes, but my body was still glued on the bed. I also have some memories of a man I am trying to forget so I thought if I get up now, it’s like getting up at the wrong side of the bed, so while musing, I doze off again.

I was surprised that the next time I open my eyes, it’s 9AM and couldn’t believe an hour had quickly passed. I smile and thank God for the warm and loving sunshine. With my lazy body, I took my phone and started browsing Instagram posts, and I feel very guilty when I read a Mark Twain quote, “20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did do.” I tried to be very awake, finished the browsing and liking, took the selfie of the day (kept privately in a Pinterest Board), and then viola I’m up!

Time flies and it has to be a good time by selecting the worthwhile activities to spend upon. As soon as I was up, did a quick laundy, swept the floor, researched the meaning of my princess dream, drank a cup of coffee, checked on my sissy, wrote this blog, and it’s a long day ahead with more fun things.

How’s your morning today? 😉

[1: 1,480 of 10,000] I Have No Reason To Complain

In Article on May 28, 2015 at 9:40 AM

I absolutely have no reason to complain about in my life. Anything I needed to achieve my happiness is on me. If I am thirsty, I could get myself a drink. If I don’t know anything, I could be inquisitive. If I am sad, I simply smile and it would trick my brain that I am actually happy, hence what am doing while typing this blog post in a coffee shop (no I am not checking who is looking at me weirdly wondering why I smile crazily because it is my life).

There are goals that are not quite easy to get and this is indeed a challenging part. It will require me to be more patient to work harder, to be creative to find another route, or enjoy the journey and laugh at the confusion that I could not necessarily understand now or ever. Whatever the result, what’s important is I show up and do something about it.

The hardest part of dreaming is the moment when I know in every inch of me that it’s time to relinquish my control. I don’t know if you believe that there is someone looking after us, someone bigger than we could ever imagine, and when I’m willing to let Him guide me after all I could ever do, He’ll bring me peace and the ultimate success that gives me fulfilment.

I long for fulfilment, which I define as having the complete feeling that I matter because I have done something that matter not just for myself but for someone else or serving more that I could ever imagine.


[1: 1,419 of 10,000] Are You Waiting For A Fucking Sign?

In Article on March 21, 2015 at 2:32 AM


Are you like me that waits for a sign? The sarcasm at the title was intentional because it is quite stupid to wait for signs in life! It’s not that I’ve gone depressed and non-believer of magic; I definitely still am but you see I’m a procrastinator. I am the excruciating bad kind of procrastinator, still didn’t sign up for the procrastinator recovery meeting but I should start thinking of putting one or may be later, did you catch that, see what I mean!

I have so many ideas, I have so many dreams, I have so many confusions, and I often wonder when will I get every thing that I ever desire and lust for? The answer is…

  • if I don’t change my patterns (getting our first business in order, contacting suppliers, doing the numbers, and formalising the papers),
  • if I make excuses (I have no enough time, as soon as I finish this then I will start with the important stuffs),
  • if I’d be lazy (I want to sleep some more and think about my heart break over and over),
  • if I don’t speak up (let that toxic out and move on!),
  • if I do not prioritise the important (getting a new job instead of enjoying being a bum for a month, on the verge of 2nd month), well I might as well get stuck with daydreaming.

I like funny feeling, the feel good making assumptions that lead to sometimes disastrous wasting a time. God loves me so much that I get provided just fine, a roof (gives me room to sleep and bath) and food (fills my tummy and let me gain weight). I rely on intuition but I should stop waiting for a freaking fucking sign to appear. Only I can make the signs by moving my ass and creating every day. Creating daily is what will allow me to clear my vision and see the beauty and magic of life now.

So how am I convincing myself that it is different this time? It’s 2ish in the morning, I am not yet sleepy so making a blog while the words are burning inside my heart is a perfect step to feel good that I have created something. Confessing in the blogosphere that I have a chronic problem on procrastination to get mocked and get out of that funk!

I should keep life simple. The sign of true happiness is finding peace inside me, not putting ill judgment on me and others, wishing love and blessings unto me and others, try something new everyday, sharing my creation, and HUSTLE!

Do I want that dream bad enough? I have always known the answer, lift the weight and HUSTLE!

[1: 1,360 of 10,000] Put On The Brave Suit

In Journal on October 25, 2014 at 1:24 PM

Why are we so scared to chase our dream when it is in us to make it.

We got to work hard for it, be consistently striving for it, but we got it if only we take the steps.

I love how James Baldwin said, “Your crown has been bought and paid for. All you have to do is put it on your head.”

We don’t even have to always be scared because as eloquently written by Maya Angelou, “I go forth alone, and stand as ten thousand.” Our ancestor carefully paved our way, so step on it and live it.

I am a writer, I will blog, and I will publish best-selling books; probably not as Yor Ryeter, but using my given name. And then I would continue to write anonymously in this blog until my very last breath.


[1: 1,349 of 10,000] Keep A Balance

In Journal on October 5, 2014 at 12:24 AM

There are things that needs extreme passionate action but in life we should know how to be careful and strike a balance.


100% feels good. Perfect!

And yet I got to figure out when to stop, when my heart doesn’t feel love anymore, and when I couldn’t get my head straight.

I am seeking inspiration, to work with people that shakes my soul, gives me the fuel to offer my life and it feels it is all worth it, not a waste of time.

Music & movie producer sounds good. Business Tycoon is promising proving myself to my Mum that I can do it. Writer, if only I could devote all my time in front of my laptop, with a beach wave music in a heartbeat, and my being pouring every spiritual emotions on words – being a writer is who I want to be, a dream that I would be catching up, and pretty soon living.



[1: 1,303 of 10,000] Sad Dreams

In Journal on February 15, 2014 at 2:17 AM


Papa and Mama were frequent visitors in my dreams. Is this my way of dealing with my broken heart? And is that’s their way to guide me that I will be all right? I even avoid sleeping because I don’t want to admit that I needed them even if it’s in a dream… for a while.

I believe that everything will be all right. How can’t it not be when I know I am loved and I am capable to love. My heart will heal and it’ll get prettier, stronger, and keep marching forward.

[1: 1,272 of 10,000] Larry Smith Defined Passion with such Fluency

In Article on January 15, 2014 at 4:12 AM

Larry Smith is an Economist and talked at TED with the title “Why you will fail to have a great career?” It wasn’t the smart question that made me love his talk, it was actually the spot on reasons.

  1. He felt very strongly that we will never live a great career because we always find excuses on why we don’t follow our dream. Let us expound about that beautiful dream, which we also call PASSION. He defined passion with such elegance and nobility, he said, “Passion helps you create the highest expression of your talent. It is your greatest love.
  2. He also beautifully add “Pursue your passion, pursue your dream, pursue your fascination in life.” So what other lame valid excuse we’ve used too often – Too lazy, Too hard.
  3. Then at the end the day, the only reason why it will not come true as he summed up – “You will not do it.”


Now that I am inspired, it’s time to ACT.

Watch his talk and be equally inspired too and live what you’re made of.

[1: 1,261 of 10,000] A Strong Man

In Article on January 4, 2014 at 10:09 PM



I could fall in love with a strong man.

Literally, someone who can carry me effortlessly in a long winding stairs romantically.

A man who can stand with his words and got the courage to fight for what is certainly right.

He has muscles that doesn’t boast but used when absolutely needed.

A man whose strength defies all egos for being a gentleman.

Yep! Probably one of the qualities I am looking for a real man.