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[1: 1,390 of 10,000] Thank You 2014

In Journal on December 30, 2014 at 10:17 PM


It was another wonderful year.

I am immensely grateful for the fascinating 365 days whether I cried or laughed.

At the end of tomorrow, I know that I am loved by God unconditionally.

I have 2 beautiful sisters that I am committed to love for the rest of my life.

I am surprisingly grateful to my colleagues who trust and respect me.

Extremely blessed with the new experience.

Knowing that I have truly love a person.

Gaining control that dreamy wrong things need to end.

Miracles happen when pursued.

The world is kind to a loving heart.

I am happy to say good bye and merci to 2014 and for 2015…

Positive Vibes in 2015



[1: 1,388 of 10,000] How’s Your Christmas Day?

In Journal on December 28, 2014 at 1:55 AM

Happy Christmas!

I hope you celebrated the day without forgetting who’s day was it. My sissy and I got HIM a cake with a blue ombre icing, I hope HE loves it. To make the day meaningful, we did something for the first time. My sissy recently learned how to bake chocolate cookies and chocolate crinkles. On the night of the 24th, she made hundreds and we packed it.

Christmas Day 2014

By 12:52 AM, we drive to Rashid Hospital, greeted people “Merry Christmas” and distributed the freshly baked sweet goodies to the Nurses, Doctors, Admin, Cashier, and Security Guard. Everybody was smiling and surprised with the act, some wondered who we are, the story was a bit long but we simply answered we wanted to spread the spirit of Christmas.

The real story. When my mom was alive (diagnosed with colorectal cancer), there was one day where she kept fainting and she doesn’t even realised it was happening. We called the ambulance (even to her insistence that we shouldn’t), and they sent her to Rashid Hospital. The doctors and nurses kept my mom alive overnight and we didn’t pay a dime. I feel like I just have to give back to the great doctors and nurses even my mom is no longer with us, that overnight survival was enough day for us to spend a little bit more time with my mom.

I went to the office on Christmas Day too (being in a Muslim country with a Muslim boss, Christmas is really not a declared holiday), which I didn’t mind because I was excited to bring freshly baked blueberry muffins to my officemates and a sincere Christmas Card for each telling them what am thankful for and how they inspire me.

After office, I rushed to the mall and bought my my wonderful baby sissy a Christmas gift. It was a rushed gift but a Tiffany bracelet will never fail to make her smile. Then we went for a late lunch and I had the most amazing steak at Soho Grill Dubai, I might be very hungry but they do have delicious food.

I am grateful that I have this Christmas to say Happy Birthday to Jesus. I am grateful that I have my sisters who I love and love me back sincerely. I am grateful for having friends though miles away warms my heart whenever we chat and remember one another. I am happy that this Christmas was more than just me, I do hope it was focused to being truly grateful and recognised the kindness and love for strangers.

It was really a wonderful Christmas.

[1: 1,384 of 10,000] Having A Car Is Like Having A Child?

In Article on December 10, 2014 at 10:49 PM

I’m a woman and single. I am not pumped up to settle down and have kids but why do I feel like having a car is like having a child? No disrespect to moms and kids. cars-01 I was trying to compute my expenses for my car and it is no joke. Let me share my list of expenses so far.

  1. The Car Cost (one time, thank goodness) – It’s like getting pregnant when I was on search of the right one. Buying it was like the actual birth. Real child is priceless, same way that the money I spent having the car was all worth it.
  2. Registration (yearly) – This is the proper registration and getting a birth certificate, putting a stamp that this baby is mine, the one with cute dimple and sparkly eyes.
  3. Insurance (yearly) – This is keeping my baby safe, the only option is full insurance.
  4. Salik registration (one time) – This is like enrolling your baby for a class.
  5. Salik top-up (twice monthly) – To be able to pass the toll anytime or privilege to pass anywhere without restriction.
  6. Change Oil, etc. (every 10,000 km) – Is like bringing my baby to the doctor for its routine check-up.
  7. Car Wash (weekly) – Is like getting a great bath and being squeaky clean.
  8. Gasoline (special, full, twice weekly) – Is feeding the baby to run.

So which property you endeared that it seemed like a baby for you too?

[1: 1,375 of 10,000] Where I Am Right Now

In Journal on December 2, 2014 at 10:38 AM

Dubai Mall

Today is holiday in United Arab Emirates. The young country is celebrating it’s 43rd national day. I am now at Starbucks (after a toffee nut latte and cheese croissant for breakfast, I am taking advantage of their table and chairs – me and my bags are properly seated) at Dubai Mall (using the mall’s wifi, enjoying the sound of cascading water, and watching the people around me) and blogging (contemplating my happiness – big deal!). I am in my floral top, bright happy shorts, and Havaianas slippers (talking about relaxing outfit fit for home, the mall is my playground the whole day).

I could do this all throughout my life. Go to different places just to stir my imagination. Get lost with the music playing and serenading my starving soul in the loudest beats my ear drums could take.  I want this life and see people smiling, enjoying the mundane of daily life. It’s pretty cute to see the parents getting their drinks with their cute kids who were treated with sugary lollipop (no I am not contemplating motherhood! not yet anyway).

I need to be inspired because I am supposed to come up with amazing wordings for a smart ass card. My business partner expects me to deliver and I am meeting her for lunch. Where is my muse?

[1: 1,343 of 10,000] The Good Assistant Buys a MacBook Air

In Article on August 30, 2014 at 10:00 PM


I like to think that I am a good Assistant to the Owner of the company. My madness doesn’t end with acting like his wife, therapist, bitch, but I wanted to really feel how to be in his zone so I could make life easier and convenient for him. (I do believe one day I will have the best assistant of my own running the best business that I love.)

It is not really about losing my personality but I try to get things that he uses that I am not familiar with especially if I really think it is valuable. I bought a MacBook Air so whenever he gets lost in the haywire I could bring him right back to civilisation. I quickly shifted from Nokia mobile phone to iPhone. I read about Buddhism because he said he believes it; and ended up I have learned more than he knows?? I am even doing this without rubbing it off his face because it should be my responsibility to be abreast and a wonder woman!

My mother trained me well in making a customer comfortable and pleasing people that they are not inconvenient. My boss who is quite impatient is absolutely lucky for knowing me and offering me a job. He taught me a lot but I am sure my story doesn’t end here. Don’t get me wrong, I love Donna but I know in every inch of my being, I am a Jessica.

[1: 1,339 of 10,000] I Like Dubizzle

In Review on August 16, 2014 at 8:58 AM

I love the Dubai, UAE Dubizzle and the Dubai Users.


I have moved for several times in Dubai and moving to a new place means changing some of the pieces I would be bringing with me so Dubizzle helped me disposed the other times that are in perfect condition but is better off in a new household.

It is also fun to meet different people and nationality during the negotiations and then finally item collection or delivery.

The challenging part is having to lock down a negotiation and the buyer was completely a liar for not making his commitment to pick-up an item after negotiating of even meeting to a certain place!!! But that has happened just once so I am still excited to sell in Dubizzle.


[1: 1,332 of 10,000] Whew Looking Like A Home

In Journal on July 26, 2014 at 10:36 PM

Finally, the last installation for the home is done today!

The very quaint delicate white drapery hanging light was fixed in my happy liking.

I feel proud that I was able to provide my little sissy with a cute home that we could both enjoy hopefully for the next 2 years and I do look forward that the next home we build is the one we own and not rented. I feel very adult, responsible, and accomplished that I do believe that I can do anything.

It was very brave that we also painted our bedroom walls with dark grey (yes not black as the painter colour blindly saw it). I was thrilled to see that paint could actually be ordered and mixed through a computer. It makes me love technology even more.

Hanging Lamp


Now that the home is settled, next is a car, and a new amazing career that perks me up in every waking day of my life.

[1: 1,330 of 10,000] I Feel Like A Princess In A Real Life Fairy Tale

In Journal on July 26, 2014 at 9:27 PM

Princess Aurora sings with the birds in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.


Snow White sings with the birds too.

I have the feeling that I am a Princess not because I sing with the birds but from our window apartment I could hear the singing birds. It is lovely and priceless because I don’t force them to sing beautifully but it is such a gift from God to hear nature serenades my sister and I at our home.

Ritaj is far from the city, even far from my sister’s work place, but it is filled with trees and flowers so no doubt that the birds linger in the compound and for that I am sincerely grateful and enjoy my kingdom. It is sincerely one of the purest things that makes me smile and immensely humbled.


[1: 1,329 of 10,000] Etisalat Telephone ID For Ritaj Block A Residence

In Review on July 26, 2014 at 8:33 PM

Dubai’s only 2 competing telecommunications are setting to divide Dubai accordingly; meaning this residential block will only install Etisalat and for this part it’s exclusively for Du.

I have been pleased using Du for 2 years and moving from Dubai Sports City to Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 2 meant I can only subscribe to Etisalat.

It was a bad start with Etisalat, I have to patiently wait a long queue at Mall of the Emirates for I think about 30 minutes, STANDING. The waiting was not my problem, the fact that when I was in front of the associate he asked me for at least 1 telephone number in the building, that was my BIG ARGH. (1) I just moved in to a new apartment and am I supposed to be getting phone numbers of neighbours? (2) Do I know that in the first place because they never advertised it?! (3) Or since ETISALAT WAS THE ONLY TELECOM THAT CAN INSTALL IN THE AREA, DON’T THEY REALLY KNOW THE EXACT AREA’S TELEPHONE ID???

I was really furious so for the sake of everyone who are moving to Ritaj, Block A, I will save you the time to find out a single telephone number and just note that the number Etisalat is looking for is EID # DX005023000. The watchman of the building was kind enough to show me the telephone room!

Ritaj Block A Telephone ID

If you think my horror with Etisalat ends there, not even close, because they set a schedule for the installation and confirmed it. I excused myself from the office just to attend to them, only to find out that they were not coming after reconfirming from their call centre that they will. If I didn’t insist to speak with the Supervisor, my service would have not been arranged immediately the following day.

It was a long list of disappointments from Etisalat and it is just annoying to relieve them in words in this blog. Right now, I am just grateful that the Internet connection in our new home is quite fast and the cable TV gives surprisingly delights to the subscribers by opening all the channels during holidays in UAE.

Is it really impossible to stop monopoly and poor service? Is compromise necessary and extended understanding? This is actually a good invitation to all other entrepreneurs who could do better.

[1: 1,325 of 10,000] I Am Crazy for Painful Massage

In Journal on June 7, 2014 at 5:59 PM

I am so crazy for massage; the painful one. It feels like only the painful one could pop all the aching parts. I feel like my age strained the muscles at my neck, shoulder, and back. Or the simple reality that I am stressing out on things that could actually be managed if I stop being a drama queen.

My beautiful Mum used to give me the most divine acupressure; so divine I almost pee myself and begged her to stop so I can recuperate or simply breathe. Since she got really sick and passed away; I have never found anyone who has a pair of hands that soothe every tensed muscles in my immaculate body.

Last Monday, I tried Thai Massage, I wasn’t sure if it was just the technique but the soft hands didn’t satisfy. Today, i just finished a 2-hour Hot Stone Full Body Massage & a generous Foot Massage, I haven’t been having peace of mind lately so for the first time on a massage bed, I fell asleep and snored! I was not actually embarrass to the therapist because the way I saw it, it is a definite compliment. I wish we were at home and I could slumber all throughout.

It’s a good day being pampered by someone who seems to love what she is doing.