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[1: 1,730 of 10,000] What Is Embarrassing?

In Journal on June 22, 2016 at 11:59 PM


What is embarrassing? What is shaming?

Those two questions are exactly the two reasons why I am so stressed out at work. I have experienced being bullied and I did my share of bullying to others too. It is no wonder that I felt my positive energy draining.

This has to change and be what I intend to commit. No more being mean but really deliver with kindness, sincerity, and love. No more pretending and pushing others, instead cultivate cooperation and learning.

It is a beautiful world to learn. It’s a beautiful world to always give 100% of our hearts in whatever we do. It’s a beautiful world that knows how to fill our soul with gladness if we let it.

May we all have an open heart that gives and receives LOVE.