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[1: 623 of 10,000] Anger Gets Something Done

In Article on April 21, 2012 at 8:21 PM

Why do people act to do the impossible when someone starts to get mad? Although a person who will acknowledge anger is someone who does care.

Is it a circumstance? Was it the excuse of “I have no choice and I can’t do anything”?

We recently bought plane tickets from a travel agency that we never tried before. They lied about the issuance of e-ticket and finally one day we got tired and pissed that we are mocking them for their incompetence. We got the tickets after much anger.

It was quite sad. I was disappointed about the service considering I am expecting a great experience. I don’t usually advertise a bad company in this blog but I think consumer has the right to know especially if the company was lying about their claim that they serve fast.

BEWARE: Ghaliyah Travel who is doing business in Dubai will not be able to issue e-ticket exactly on the day that you purchase it.

Photo Source: LWA/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

[1: 77 of 10,000] Mad

In Article on January 31, 2011 at 2:30 PM

Angry mad is one of my weaknesses, I recognize it and I am giving my best to manage it especially today.

As I reflect where did the anger come from I remember someone in authority at home used anger to get what she wants that made me think I must have thought it was a good thing.

Last year I read that shouting at someone out of anger means your heart doesn’t love the person receiving the bitter high pitch words; because come to think of it, if you love someone, you either finish each other’s sentences or a mere look could relay a message.

Or is it the simple reason that I’ll have my monthly period soon that a simple irritation would likely to make me explode.

Today, I was mad. In a snap second I was ALMOST negatively angry to disappointing unprepared matters or losing patience to unprepared individuals. I hope it’s the monthly period or the incomplete sleep – but if this madness is about the need for anger management – I need to hit the beach even if it’s cold to bring me back to sanity.

I almost lost it but I waited 10 seconds to pause and do exactly what needs to be done without hurting someone with unpleasant words, 10 more hours before the day ends – I can do this!