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[1: 1,673 of 10,000] Our Pain Reveals A Lot About Our Path

In Journal on January 4, 2016 at 8:07 AM


Being in pain is a state that I don’t want to be, I deliberately try to avoid it, resolve issues to not feel it, or the worse that I can do is to try hiding and running away from it like it never happened. And yet, when I examine my pain, I learn a lot about myself, the people surrounding me, and the path that I am about to take.

My pain reveals a calling that I got to embark if I allow it to be. My life’s circumstance, feelings, and beliefs are different from everybody else; which makes my experience unique and revealing of a new path for all others to hopefully learn from. Whenever I dare, I don’t just do it for myself, but pain is scary, making me froze, and sometimes losing the will to live.

It is demanded that I have to stay strong, find solace in God’s arm, and move forward with glimpse of hope, the surge for enthusiasm, and the will to tell my story because my pain reveals a lot about my path of encouraging somebody else other than myself, to bring light where darkness seems to be there is, and the circle of experience gets completed.


[1: 1,661 of 10,000] The Habit Of Relying On Experience

In Journal on November 24, 2015 at 6:50 AM

Experience teaches me which way would hurt me, what would give me delight, and why never again will I commit the same mistake twice. The reference of previous happening is the perfect teacher and yet sometimes I try with a slight higher hope that a little twist will result to something different, hopefully amazing.

I am fascinated that every experience though almost similar still offer a unique quality because I am growing everyday, in case you have not admitted, we are all growing old, gaining new insights, and with that no almost similar circumstance would always end up with the same result.

Nothing happens as a coincidence but I believe about every human being has his own path of journey. Every experience matters for himself and probably even to others.

It’s normal to rely on past experience but it is courage to deviate from it and tackle an unknown territory and include new cast in the scenario. The beauty of life is I get to experiment until the very last second of my breath; and it is always with the hope that despite the pain, it was worth it, because it served a purpose higher than myself, bigger than my fulfillment, or simply serving with true love.

[1: 1,628 of 10,000] I Went Golfing For The First Time

In Article on October 23, 2015 at 9:04 AM

Driving Range

My colleague invited me for golfing last night and it was my first time.

We just stayed at the driving range and I’ve TRIED to swing. I looked really silly and laughing the whole time. I hit and missed. I let the ball rolled on the greens when I was supposed to be swinging high beautifully. My teacher / colleague was encouraging and my favourite line that he said, “for a first timer, that shot is not good but not bad either,” and it’s an amazing compliment, I’ll take it. Occasionaly he boosts my confidence by exclaiming, “good shot!”

The funny part is I wingle like a telly tubby instead of swinging my whole body the golfer way. It will definitely takes practise and dedication to get it right. The xbox game has nothing compared to the real one. Hitting the white shinny precious ball wasn’t easy as I was hoping for, but my thought is if others can then I can surely learn it.

The people who were there was inspiring. A father and son was amazing hitting the balls so high and even racing. It was actually a great source of experience. The sound of the club hitting the ball, seeing it fly in the air and drop in the greens is a whole set of a beautiful scene.

The weather is getting better in Dubai so being outdoor in the evening is just amazing. It truly was a great way to start the weekend and I was able to share it with my sissy who I asked to tag along. My sissy was a better first time golfer than I am and I am so proud of her.

First time experience is always nice. I am grateful for the invitation. I had fun! 🙂

[1: 1,510 of 10,000] Shall We Refer To Old Experience?

In Article on June 27, 2015 at 6:47 AM


I don’t know about your habit but I have an automatic tendency to refer to my old experience or an experience that I have read in the past. Mentorship exists because these are the people sharing what they have learned. I mentioned about people being unique (like different definition of love) and yet there are certain things that are universal (like love) to all people.

If I am similar to you in some ways and different in the others, shall I still consider the experience of others or even mine that has happened in the past? Also, if I were to live in the present and considering I am supposed to be growing to be better everyday, do I still need to refer on old wisdom (it is called wisdom for a reason huh)? I have the urge to ask others of their opinions too, what would you do?

I have been very peculiar on how I am writing my recent blog post that I use “I” because I wanted the reader to know this is my thoughts and experience, and I certainly want to know what is your perspective. I strongly believe that wisdom are there to guide us, books (even Bible) was created so we may have a sense of values to hold on to, and as much as asking others what they would do in a situation it is better to let individual to come up with a conclusion of their own, I am allowed to say my action plans but I should not insist except if the other wants to kill himself and that is not a solution at all.

My weaknesses are self-pity, confused with opposing ideas, inaction, devicing scheme to take the dead halt way, and arrogance that I know it all. It feels good to name my internal churns so that when I refer to my old experience, I could identify if they belong to any of those categories that it is time for me to seek other council or go back to my inner peace to listen to God.

Learning from others are good but it is crucial to be selective on what I take on to move forward. I have to pick the ones that speak to my personal calling. So yes, referencing to old experience is all right, but everytime I tend to do that, I have to consider that change for the good happens, and I have to always to live with greatness and gladness right now that past hurt is a wonderful reference, just a reference and no longer a reality.

[1: 329 of 10,000] High School Military Experience

In Article on August 15, 2011 at 9:03 AM

I saw a woman wearing a black shinny shoes on my way to the office. The military shoes registered in my mind and I remembered when I was in high school and took a C.A.T. (Citizens Army Training) mandatory class if I remembered the name correctly. I got the Medical Officer position after crucial summer training; it isn’t really a fancy position because no one needs medical attention so I just end up watching the sort of soldiers march under the heat while I am on a comfortable shade.

Going back to the shoes, it makes me appreciate the discipline for looking smart and finish. Back in the days, I polish my shoes, my gold plated buckle, and my sword (very 3 Musketeers feel, way better than the wooden rifle). My fatigue green uniform was iron in real crisp look including my white handkerchief. The whole look was mirroring confidence and it was cool.