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[1: 1,862 of 10,000] The Man’s Perfect Journey

In Journal on January 15, 2017 at 8:48 PM


I used to think why do I practice for a school performance? I do it over and over again until the day of the presentation and then it’s done and I move on to the next project. Why all those efforts for the sake of perfection? Isn’t perfection really not the goal in life?

I’ve observed that other people’s pain and vulnerabilities when shared to the public is able to help especially when they’ve overcome their challenges. They even get very famous and very wealthy for being courageous and succeed multiple adversities. Effort to keep going forward is one of the keys.

I try to reflect. I did have my journey, a struggle, then I surpassed, and I felt proud and contented. I am not in my current struggle of being lost and I have to find my way to be the hero of my own story not at the expense of somebody else to blame, among other things of fighting unfairly. I need to find my voice but I have to be ready to build an inspiring story to tell. I am to honor the creativity as my gift.

I have to put a stop of my self-doubt and lack of confidence. I am only hurting myself. Make a plan and proceed to keep winning with great ideas and spreading love. I am not alone with this, I will never be. I can do this.

[1: 1,505 of 10,000] The Only Option Left Is Trusting You

In Journal on June 22, 2015 at 8:18 PM


Is this finally the ultimate test of my faith? Giving up everything to start fresh. And yes, I recognise the strength inside me that I am not going to fail because I got you, which you have planted all along. I also feel the hint of stabs to my heart that some relationship ends because trust is in question.

I will take this walk of the unknown and it feels right. No turning back, no hesitation, and no second guesses. Thank you that you taught me to smile, laugh, and have fun amidst my hybernation mode. I’ll be okay. You never left me down, you’re the only one who made everything all right and I should never ask help from anyone else again unless they came from you.

My only option left is trusting you. I love you.

[1: 189 of 10,000] Temptation Lurks

In Article on April 25, 2011 at 8:58 AM

Ever since I could remember and every time I watch movies like Exorcist the image of the devil that I could picture is an ugly, scary, cover-your-sight-or-scream-or-get-a-heart-attack kind of feeling. But one homily from a very profound parish priest here in Dubai changed my perception for the better. He said that the devil in real life comes in the form of a temptation that is quite hard to resist. He doesn’t lurk into our life to scare us, he gets close for us to fall into sin and feel the worst kind of feeling a man could ever be on – worthless.

We should be careful on our thought, words, and actions. I am not saying our mistakes, our misfortunes, our defeats, were all his works. I am just saying that our faith should give us and allows us to seek the true wisdom to figure out what obstacles were there to make us strong and not use the tempest just an excuse too.

Let us live a life filled with faith for God’s love.