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[1: 1,495 of 10,000] Home Hair Cut

In Journal on June 12, 2015 at 9:33 PM

HaircutI am saving a buck and I’ve seen my sissy cut her own hair so today I told her to not go crazy but she may cut my hair. She complains about my silly waves and then swoosh there it is!

I’ve seen the hair on the floor, it doesn’t look a lot at all, I go in front of the mirror and surprised with the length. I wasn’t really disappointed and crying, I like the length but the edges don’t looked very legit.

It’s summer in Dubai and the weather is now reaching a hot 45 degree celsius. Short hair will be just fine! 😉

[1: 1,465 of 10,000] Smug Or Smile

In Article on May 13, 2015 at 5:17 PM

Olsen Twins The Olsen twins are just one of the stars who don’t normally smile in front of the camera but when you inspect the above photos I’ve seen from Elle.com… what do you see?

Smug (picture on the left) They don’t really look arrogant but instead indifferent and almost cold. They seemed to hold so much emotions, just like Kanye West when he’s in trance and looking all serious for the sake of fashion and gaining respect?!

Smile (picture on the right, like you won’t figure it out) Their faces lighten up and I do like it when a normally uptight individual began to open up. It seems like there’s miracle in the world and everybody is happy. They looked warmer, younger, and simply happier.

Who wouldn’t want to be happy? Even those who are emotionally challenged ultimately long for happiness. My favourite part of the smiling lips are actually the equally jolly eyes!! Smiling makes you look beautiful and oh it helps if you have properly maintained teeth. It is a big plus that it comes with laughter (with cute giggle) that’s genuine because it shows a different radiance.

So whenever you have an option to smug or smile, choose the latter for far more benefits; except if you’re in a compromising place and it suggests something else. 😀

[1: 1,453 of 10,000] Banana Republic’s Striped Boyfriend Shirt

In Review on May 1, 2015 at 10:51 AM

I recently watched from E!’s fashion segment that you can start scavenging your boyfriend’s closet if you’re tired of your own. With the absence of a boyfriend, Banana Republic is actually selling striped boyfriend shirt. I tried one of them a few days back and I thought this could be a great get-up for lounging at the beach.

It’s cotton cool, comfy, and hides what I want to hide!! 😛

Long Sleeves

[1: 1,440 of 10,000] Alexa Chung’s “IT”

In Review on April 18, 2015 at 4:47 PM

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung’s “IT” is one of the easiest books I finished to read in under 2 hours. I liked how she also shared personal photos of herself and her friends without any caption; it gives people room for their own interpretation.

She admires Kate Moss as evident with this statement:

Anything Kate Moss puts near her body is instantly transformed into the coolest thing ever, because She is the coolest thing ever and nobody can explain why. It’s just a fact.

And for me, Alexa is one of the coolest people in the fashion world or an “IT” girl. How do I define an “IT”? She is confident and she might have a preferred style that won’t be adored by all but she owns it and speaks true of what she loves. If you’re a woman and loves Instagram, you’ve probably seen this book incorporated into the shots, because including it as an accent makes the photo pretty cool and valid to hash tag it with fashion.

It’s a fun book, not a bit serious, and obviously written by a young Alexa as her story revolved about style and her icons, getting heart broken, her friends, and simply living “a fun” life.

[1: 1,434 of 10,000] #GirlBoss

In Review on April 10, 2015 at 2:04 PM


It’s now one of my favourite business books and it doesn’t even sound very businessy because the author Sophia Amoruso wrote it like how she learned not from a business school but from real life experience.

This Founder and Owner of the million dollar & very successful NastyGal.com fashion online store is a definite kick-ass!! And I’m not even exaggerating. It would be nice that whatever was written in the book was indeed authentic because if I’m treating it like really genuine, she rocks! The secret of her success is the combination of doing what she’s good at, loving everything she does, learning, loving her customer, listening, aiming to succeed, and working her butt off. It was not simple, it was smart and entails a lot of hard work.

My sister is not really fun of reading books so what I am going to do is read her every night before we go to bed; that way she learns business in a very real life scenario kind of way from one cool lady. I’m treating the book as a fairytale book for adult; dreams do come true and magic is real!

[1: 1,430 of 10,000] In My Kate Spade Bag Today

In List, Photo on April 6, 2015 at 11:36 PM

In My Kate Spade Bag I carry a lot in my Kate Spade black bag, let’s see –

  1. Navy Blue Tory Burch long wallet. The best wallet to not fold the paper bills, makes it very neat.
  2. Powder Blue Kate Spade wallet. I have a pretty good explanation for having a 2nd wallet. This is the wallet I simply grab if I plan to use a smaller bag and it has my essential cards from driving license to bank cards. It’s soft and very light so it’s almost irrelevant, weight wise.
  3. Mini Clarins Joli Rouge Soft Berry 705 lipstick.
  4. 2GB Everon USB stick, just in case!
  5. Apartment key with a Harrods double decker London bus key chain.
  6. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell 75ml Body Mist.
  7. Extra Sugarfree Chewing Gum Strawberry Flavor. Sugarfree but still sweet, if it’s not sweet or a fruity flavour, forget about offering it to me.
  8. Apple EarPods for convenient long overseas calls, particularly in Australia.
  9. Pilot V5 Hi-Techpoint 0.5 blue pen if I need to write about serious business matters.
  10. Pilot Twin Marker (Extra Fine & Fine) when I need to write on slippery pages or surfaces like a CD.
  11. Muji 0.38 powder blue pen, which I love to use when writing on my journal or organiser. I know I have 3 types of writing pens, it’s not a lot, each has its particular purpose. 😉
  12. Nokia phone for my ex-company to call or text me. I am trying to forget somebody from that office and containing myself to compulsively text him.
  13. iPhone 5s for my uber personal use.
  14. NAVA One Year of White Pages, I am now using the 4th (evident by the 4 holes at top right) month notebook, which is my daily gratitude journal and daily idea go to notebook. Love the leather like cover and the inside pages were soft sepia colour.
  15. Best Selling Authors Bootcamp by Bo Sanchez. I usually carry 1 book. Finished this today finally!!
  16. Muji Weekly Organiser.

What’s in your bag today? 😀

[1: 1,319 of 10,000] What Happen When I Deprive Myself From Nail Polish?

In Review on May 17, 2014 at 6:13 PM

I want my nails to go back to at least some sort of normal state (strong and healthy), no yellow stains, and importantly no breakage (it absolutely put me in panic mode when it broke one time because it was turning soft and brittle). I actually looked for less harmful nail polish and found some from Inglot according to the sales assistant but when I’ve used it, it still left some discolouration so I thought it was just a lame sales tactics. To make the rest mode realistic, I didn’t polish for so many months; similar to my AWOL situation with blogging and maximising my time taking rest and putting concentration at work!!

Deprivation is not normal. It’s not about learning discipline and control. It’s made my mind twisted. So when I was quite convinced it’s time to put on some colours, I lust for the array of displays and then I just painted each nail with different colour from the sample.

Nail Polish Deprivation

I felt a different high. Polish makes me smile. It changes my mood just the sight of it. I am not sure if it has something to do with my childhood where I saw my mum putting on paint and me doing the same at the sideline. I immediately bought 1 and went out shopping some other things; and then while I look at the other colour on my index finger, I could hold myself not to buy another one.

Got 2 from H&M and they have beautiful brushes. Right now, I am starting with “Tea with Milk,” which looks very dainty, chic, elegant, and modest. As soon as am tired, I’ll move to “Cloud My Mind,” which is not really a result of my obsession on polish but really about making me dreamy and happy.

H&M Nail Polish


[1: 1,179 of 10,000] Coco Channel

In Journal on October 18, 2013 at 12:00 AM

I was criticized that I am quite a perfectionist that slows me down with my work. It is true that I am not being efficient, I can’t prioritize, and I am bad at delegating.

The story of Coco Channel was inspiring, I know it wasn’t all nice all throughout her life but I wanted things to be perfect so it becomes a legend. It takes practice huh!

Be inspired of the video:

[1: 1,167 of 10,000] Crazy About Nail Polish

In Review on October 6, 2013 at 12:00 AM

For months I refrained from applying nail polish because my nails turned yellow but the scary part was it became brittle and one just got broken (it was a bit painful). I have always have strong nails but all of a sudden it was gasping for relaxation.

I let it rest, waited it to grow until the yellowish were gone. Finally, I am off to buy myself 3 new Inglot Nai Polish, which according to the sales associate was water based, it will not turn my nails yellow, so I was hoping it will not soften and make my nails weak ever again.

Inglot Nail Polish

I love nail polish because I type a lot so to see my colorful nails, it makes me smile, or deeper than that, it makes me truly happy! ♥

[1: 1,148 of 10,000] Kissing eos

In Review on September 17, 2013 at 12:00 AM

I am in love with eos Lip Balm!!! ♥

eos Lip Balm Summer FruitDue to medication, my lips constantly dry up and eos is keeping my virgin lips extremely smiling with happiness.

The flavours are amazing and sweetly delicious. I also love the packaging, it’s cute and conveniently handy. My work colleague thought it was a stress ball but when she tried to squeeze, it was quite hard – lol.

My sissy introduced it to me. She learned about it from Kim Kardashian; true influence and the power of a star.

We got it through online purchase at a pretty good price!