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[1: 1,402 of 10,000] How To Forget?

In Journal on February 28, 2015 at 11:20 PM

I have fallen in love to a wrong man but finally I don’t have to speak to him by obligation and yet I missed him despite the fact that I am just torturing myself. It is not easy to forget someone I have chosen to love but I have to be strong and be passionate about someone else – ME.

I am finding my real dreams and I am pursuing them obsessively for March, that’s starting tomorrow. I shall be quite chill, happy, and will sweat to be living my dream. I shall be doing things with diligence, gentleness, and professionalism. I shall speak my mind, I shall not hesitate… because I will never live with regrets.

I shall find to stay still and listen to my heart beat and I will not stop consulting teachers who are wise to guide my path. I shall honour the value of what is right and accept that people are different and make imperfect decisions every once in a while.

It’s okay to say good bye so I can say hello to a life with the tears for all the right reasons. So how do I forget him? Not to run but to accept. Not to be afraid but to be open that not all people are meant to hunt and hurt me. To look for other people who would inspire me. To be in a state of what makes me joyful like reading good books, listening to my favourite musics, and blogging.