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[1: 1,344 of 10,000] Best eBook I Have Read

In Review on September 13, 2014 at 11:28 AM

how-life-works-by-andrew-matthewsI am grateful that moment directed me to buy the eBook “How Life Works” by Andrew Matthews. I encourage you to buy the eBook or if you prefer paperback, go ahead too. Disclaimer: I am not a reseller of Andrew Matthews and I also don’t get any commission for recommending him; all I get is the pleasure that I hope this eBook would touch you and show you wonders to have an amazing life from this point onward.

It’s not a magical book but how the world works with us in it is definitely ‘magical’. I am sure you have known a lot of the contents from other materials but what I am grateful that I get it and I love it. I don’t adore everything but there is so much that boozed AHAs. I am a type of person who remember things in an incredibly cray cray way but the way he combined humour, cartoon, spot on statements, cites good life examples, and research made it worked and believable.

Here are some of my favourite thoughts from the eBook –

  • The Universe is an energy system, constantly bringing itself into balance. Every time you have a thought, you shift the balance. The balance restores itself as your thoughts materialise. Whatever you put into the Universe will be reflected back to you.
  • Life unfolds from the inside out. The thoughts in your head become a FEELING in your heart. Good things happen when we are feeling good. We attract what we feel. Excitement makes things happen fast. If it’s exciting, we keep thinking about it, and attract it. Emotion sets your dream in motion. All those things that you have been feeling excited about are still moving toward you. You just need to keep the feeling until you land them in you.
  • Action is thought in motion. Action accelerates results.
  • Relax. Be grateful, forgive people, love more, quit blaming everyone else, quit blaming ourselves and believe things will work out! This is how you become a magnet for everything you want. When you feel calm and protected, you are protected. Meditate because meditation is the ultimate excessive in detachment and feeling good. The trick to the game of life is to feel happy, grateful and detached. Nature doesn’t understand desperation! Nature seeks balance, and you can’t be desperate and balanced.
  • Love is the fabric that holds the Universe together. When you are motivated by LOVE and when you are serving others, you are in harmony with the Universe and your plans unfold with much less effort. People who feel loved believe they deserve to be loved. When you find love, you are in the present. And if you can find the present, you find love.
  • We are each a divine, loving, powerful spirit in a body. When we forget this, life hurts. It is life’s way of getting us back on track. Logic will tell you, “If I accept this rotten moment I will be stuck with it forever!” In fact, the reverse is true. Acceptance allows you to move on. What happens when you accept what IS? Frustration dissolves into fascination. You still have challenges, but they resolve themselves almost effortlessly.
  • Will success make me happy? No. You have to be happy first. You have to like yourself first. Happiness makes you successful.
  • What is my goal? To think like God thinks. To love like God loves. To create like God creates.