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[1: 1,651 of 10,000] Inside Out

In Journal on November 14, 2015 at 10:22 PM

Inside Out

I intended to watch Inside Out to laugh, I thought cartoons is light and I would laugh, and yet my tears started the moment the first memory came up and then it lasted until the end of the movie.

It particularly pokes me whenever a past is getting brought out. That blue sad girl makes me really sad.

It is interesting to possibly see how a man’s brain works in a colourful fun way. It intrigues me. I am so curious if I go study psychology that what I’ve seen in the movie will probably my point of reference when I imagine. It excites me to create a novel again, something fun, something whole, and something logical.

[1: 1,635 of 10,000] Exploring Pity Me

In Journal on October 29, 2015 at 8:48 PM


Have you seen the movie Jerry Maguire wherein the athlete go to a television show and they are fighting not to cry during the interview? Cuba Gooding Jr. at the end was interviewed and he cracked even if he used to mocked the previous athletes who shed tears and said if it is him he won’t cry at all. Of course, it was not the case, he released an honest emotions through man tears.

I thought I am tough and won’t crack into crying if I talk about my childhood but a recent encounter proved me wrong. I was very vulnerable like the person I am speaking with could shatter all my walls, piercing through my soul, and she made me revealed that I still have a little child in me that gets scared and an adult that gets overwhelmed with all the emotions that I could detect from people around me.

It breaks my heart whenever I feel like I am to be pitied although I always exuded lightness and toughness that everything is going to be okay and I am okay. I never liked being pitied, I would rather be loved, respected, and rewarded with wonderful compliments and things that would make life a lot more comfortable.

[1: 1,432 of 10,000] No Need For Good Bye

In Poem on April 9, 2015 at 8:17 AM

Good Bye
is not necessary

There ain’t
forgetting memories anyway

Words were already typed
let us as well make our own conclusions

We didn’t really want to meet
because we’re both afraid of exploring our feelings

One day we’ll cross path
in an unexpected way

May it be the day
when we only remember the good

So no au revoir
Just uhm nothing

Silence is good
It gives our hearts peace


[1: 997 of 10,000] Stop Feeding Addiction

In Journal on April 21, 2013 at 12:00 AM

WalkingThey say addiction covers up a pain but in my case it is not really taking an alternative happiness but it is simply my obsession. I must be going kookoo and I need to check in because it halts me from my greatness.

I just need to talk about it and it is probably doesn’t make sense to anyone reading this but I am in a lot of stress because I cannot teach my brain to simply stop. I am hoping setting 2 goals could keep my brain from drifting to oblivion. I better be focusing to (1) finishing a book and (2) move to Australia. I better make it work without doubt and definitely minus all the excuses. Help me God.


[1: 973 of 10,000] A Perfect Host

In Journal on March 28, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Green PatronI don’t like being insulted by being looked down with the choice that I make. Don’t invite me to dine and get whichever I want if you got something to comment about it… like I don’t deserve that because it is expensive. Screw you! I can buy my own tequila and if you find it too precious to pour that Green Patron, hell you can keep it in your bar.

I may be an employee today but I will always thank my parents who raised me with the best comfort that they’ve provided. I grew up with a nanny, I never got to work until I finish college, someone cooks for my food and attend to my laundry until my 20s, and my family was respected at the town where I was born. I don’t boast the wealth that my parents used to have because they’ve lost all of it, kind of whole reason I am working very hard in a job that I don’t necessarily enjoy and passionate about now to soon establish my own name and be a great entrepreneur.

Coming from a family who used to have wealth taught me the sense of consideration on how to properly treat people who I knew don’t have much as I do. I will never look down on others, not when everyone else could hear. When I invite people in my house, in my party, it is because I want them to be there, feel special, and I will serve them whatever I have and they will never feel belittled.