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[1: 1,905 of 10,000] Can I End It All?

In Journal on June 9, 2018 at 9:14 PM

Have you been following the news that Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain took their lives? I love Kate Spade items… I’ve owned her products because they are not very expensive but really pretty. I knew Anthony from sissy when she watched some episodes of The Layover which I now started to watch and finished Season 2 and he had a very interesting take on things from food, culture, hotel, and things to do in a place.

Last week, I was really in a bad place, having my buttons pushed from work. I feel disrespected and called lazy in a very subtle way. Some of it is true and I simply snapped and cave into my fight mode and ran repulsive feelings of I don’t need this job, I would rather quit and start my own thing, who the hell he thinks he is, and I was so frustrated that I’d rather die and quit life altogether. I know everything that I am saying is just me giving up instead of finding solutions to make things work the best way. I hear the things that are hurting myself. I’m glad my sissy talked to me, cried my heart out, then sleep, and enjoyed the weekend of doing the things that I love – nothing (lazy huh?) actually watching movies that made me feel better and listening to positive messages.

It feels easy to stop the pain by thinking if I die then all these sufferings will end but I am learning that life with God isn’t supposed to be that way. It was my hurt ego that was convulsing to the fact that my credentials and capabilities are being questioned. This is my chance to grow and after all the soul searching I found my peace and ready to go to work tomorrow with a fresh perspective and NO NEGATIVE ATTITUDE. It is also starting to push me to refocus and live towards the life that I wanted – travel, write, run a business empire, enjoy adventures with family and friends, and do things to make this world a better place than I found it.

[1: 1,773 of 10,000] Fighting For Thy Life

In Journal on August 3, 2016 at 11:16 PM

My colleague and I were talking about our upcoming trip abroad. He said what if the plane crash. I simply answered, then we probably die.

Every single one of us who is breathing is attune to the agreement or committing to live. Imagine if you put a pillow on your face, decapitating you to breathe naturally, you will gasp for fresh air, you will fight to stay alive; because we don’t want to feel uncomfortable!


Then why don’t we do what really makes us alive? To do what we love. To live with clear conscience. To grow from mishaps and pains. To learn until the discomfort of not wanting to live gets eliminated. Why are we scared to be embarrassed or mistreated if we have the ability to fight?

May we find the will to fight back.

[1: 1,674 of 10,000] Kids Instinct Includes Running Away

In Journal on January 8, 2016 at 5:56 PM

Running Away

Two of our insticts when we feel threatened is either to fight or take flight. It’s interesting to see that even kids felt like running away (packing their little suitcase) from the comfort of home without the knowledge of what lies ahead than facing what they are most afraid of.

It feels a little weird but I am really feeling down lately. The job that I thought would inspire me is starting to lose its sparkle. I am changing and I want nothing more than to keep writing. If only I find a way to get really paid for simply writing, eating, discovering new experience, and being surrounded by the people of my choosing.

I am losing who I am. I wanted to get away from it all but it’s not practical and I don’t know where to start that would still keep me moving to a good direction. What is good? Feeling peace, joy, and enthusiasm every time I wake up. I am trying to stay very still and going deeper into myself to find the silver lining of where I am. I don’t recognise this depression but I know I don’t like it. I am trying to find the will to brethe with a purpose and a direction.


[1: 1,115 of 10,000] ROAR!!!

In Journal on August 15, 2013 at 12:00 AM


I had a fight with someone and I put it in a word he understands, I just said “f*ck you!” on his face complete with the unacceptable finger gesture. I am not proud of doing the bad things but I felt like it’s the best way to send the message and he behaves not to do it again.

I felt insulted with his remarks knowing him, I was extremely exhausted, and I just snapped. He said it was a joke but it was one of my quirks that I just give a damn.

He said sorry and I forgive him of course.

This is really one of those reality that people have different thing and it has to be sincerely respected.

Long day!!!