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[1: 1,443 of 10,000] Go On, Bake “Puto” In An Oven

In Recipe on April 21, 2015 at 9:22 AM

I am probably one of the few Filipino-Chinese who cook that don’t have proper steamer at home. Last time I moved to a new apartment, I thought it’s a good idea to just throw the old ones and still didn’t get a replacement. Aside from not able to cook Puto (Filipino cake), so is Siomai and Dumpling.

At this age, I thought I would find everything in the Internet, especially about cooking frenzy from YouTube. To my surprise, I couldn’t find an instruction on how can I cook “Puto” using the oven. We got cupcake tray and an oven so I thought that should make any cake rise.

I wanted to eat the puto and I want to eat cheddar cheese so I decided that today I will try to bake it in the oven with the basis on how my sissy was baking her muffins and cupcakes.

  • Took the 400 g premixed Puto (smells like vanilla) and
  • added 2 cups of water,
  • 1 cup of sugar (quite a lot I must say),
  • I made a mistake of adding 5 table spoon instead of teaspoon of olive oil, oh well, it was EVOO so it must still be good?! 😀
  • After mixing all the above ingredients, I pour it half way (or more to some) into the cupcake paper cup, and
  • top it with cheddar cheese.

Baked it for 15 minutes at 200 degree celcius.

Viola! 16 putos risen! They look and smell delectable.

Now, I got food for the whole day! 🙂 Happy tummy!


[1: 1,214 of 10,000] Black

In Article on November 18, 2013 at 9:49 PM


I silently pray for my fellow Filipinos who have lost their loved ones, their home, and their comfort. I feel for their worries but I rejoice for their resilience. Typhoon isn’t new in the Philippines but Yolanda certainly is the strongest. I remember when I was little, I strongly prayed that our roof doesn’t fly off, the worst damaged I’ve experienced is having our home compound’s wall collapsed but it is nothing compared to losing a loved one or losing a whole home with no proper shelter to take refuge.

I sincerely thank all the nations who continuously outpour love and help in Tacloban. It’s amazing how news travels and how people take part to share. It is heart warming.

May God continues to give everyone good graces and solace. May we not lose sight of love and hope at this challenging time.

Black to pay my respect to all the souls who departed. May they find peace in the hands of our loving Father who has stored a great plan.

[1: 611 of 10,000] Authentic Filipino Bakery in Dubai – Pan De Manila

In Review on April 10, 2012 at 11:03 AM

My family is very happy that we have found an authentic Filipino bakery here in Dubai and it’s close from home. It used to have the Hundred Islands name but now it’s called PAN DE MANILA Bakery & Refreshment.

It is located in Karama and the store is facing the side of the Pyramid Building beside the former Ministry of Health and Pizza Hut, if you get lost try to contact me not that I am getting paid here to promote them. As per their signage, they are open from 6AM until Midnight.

Brazo de Mercedes

What we (my family and I) like about their bread is it’s hot hopefully because it is truly freshly baked, the texture is soft, it’s tasty, it taste like how I knew they taste like back home, and they got the Filipino varieties of pastries from Pandesal, Ensaymada, Hopia, Pianono, Empanada, Egg Pie, Chocolate Crinkles, my sibling’s favorite Brazo de Mercedes, etc. The goodies are reasonably priced.

Other Filipinos in Dubai may have found them delicious because the place might be small but it is usually filled with customers so it’s a validation that they are baking something good.