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[1: 1,492 of 10,000] Is Our Emotional First Aid Ready?

In Article on June 9, 2015 at 11:41 AM

FaceAre we prepared with our emotional first aid? The psychologist enthusiast in me lead me to hear Guy Winch Ph.D. who spoke at TED about emotional first aid, click here to watch the video. I like how he explains about having a bruise would compel man to get a band aid to cover it up to avoid infection; but when we are suffering emotional pain we end up brushing it off like it’ll go away.

Emotions like Loneliness, Failure, and Rejection lead us to have different reactions. It is important that we have to protect our self-esteem, treat ourselves with compassion, battle negative thinking, and ultimately build emotional resilience. We have to take better care not just our physical but the emotional health too.

How can we treat a psychological wound if we don’t even think that we’re injured? If we are not in tune with our feelings, it is not right that we are setting our lives to destruction, even an early death. I hope this is exactly I would be able to help more people soon, to care for their emotions. I need to find the right scholarship in Australia?!

[1: 729 of 10,000] Cooking Is A Dangerous Activity

In Journal on August 21, 2012 at 10:00 PM

I just earned myself another injury for cooking and yet again hurting my hand. It is such a very dangerous activity so I truly admire those who know their way in the kitchen or like saying they are cautious not to end up with bandage at the end.

Burning myself from a hot wok because I decided to use fork for flipping what I am frying is never a good idea.

The part that I really don’t like is when I get to take a bath and the water is lukewarm, the burned skin is a bit painful like it gets burned all over again.

Kitchen Burn Quick Remedy: I’m sure I’ll be all right though because after the incident, I immediately washed it with cold water and applied Diclogesic Gel, lots of the gel. After a few days, the burned skin will magically peel off and I’ll be just fine.