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[1: 1,722 of 10,000] My 10 Vacation Tips

In List on June 14, 2016 at 11:47 PM


  1. Travel to me means going to a new country that I’ve never been and soak in a lot of first time experience so be very open.
  2. Stick to plan or deviate to the plan, the most important part is enjoying the journey. It’s not the time to argue with anyone either with travel companion or with the locals or other tourists. Relax, be chirpy happy, and don’t sweat the small stuff.
  3. Try the local cuisine. Try to be as local as you can be to really know the culture of the country you’re visiting.
  4. Go to tourist attractions or discover a new haven which is not necessarily popular. The travel is all about you too so suit what matches your taste. Blend it yet don’t be afraid to stand out. You’re a beautiful creature after all.
  5. Bring the essentials, don’t overpacked especially on clothes, although I’ve been guilty of bringing a little bit of too much. It is indeed comforting to know that I will never ran out of options on what to wear but there’s always shopping locally. 😉
  6. Be mindful and sensitive about what’s sacred or holy in the country. It is always good to be respectful.
  7. Setting your own driver and sort of tour guide ahead of time could worth it especially if you’re like me who is not really keen of going with lots of crowd. This will give you special attention and comfort not to wait on anyone.
  8. Depending on budget, booking with 5-star hotel is the most convenient way for safety and ensuring all the pampering will be expected; but if budget is a little tight then go a star down or contact a friend with big apartment.
  9. Bring both cash and credit card. Cash as much as possible must be the country’s own currency or go for the almost universal currency US dollar anywhere except in european countries go for Euros.
  10. Take pictures but not necessarily too much pictures especially nowadays that sharing too much in social media is kind of addicting or ego tends to boast. My biggest dream is to make it big time that I would tag along a real photographer to take my photos either candidly or artistically while I am out and about. The real beauty is to appreciate what you already see in the present, connect with nature or performance, and imprint the memories in your subconsciuous kind of thing.

[1: 1,705 of 10,000] I Almost Die Today

In Journal on May 13, 2016 at 9:20 PM

I love eating and watching television and who knew it could actually kill you!


I was enjoying a mouthful of food and watching one of my ultimate favourite television series, Top Gear UK (with Jeremy, James, and Richard) from Netflix and a scene where James slipped from a wood plank in Bolivia just chocked me because I laughed so hard.

It was my first time to experience chocking and I really don’t know what to do except for the fact that I have to stop laughing and clear the air passage so I can breathe. If I was not able to recover I could have died on a Friday the 13th, how very mysterious, hilarious, and lame.

Lesson learned: Never eat while watching a funny show. 😛

I will still watch Top Gear until I finish all the shows that I have not seen. A little accident will not traumatise me. 😀

[1: 1,628 of 10,000] I Went Golfing For The First Time

In Article on October 23, 2015 at 9:04 AM

Driving Range

My colleague invited me for golfing last night and it was my first time.

We just stayed at the driving range and I’ve TRIED to swing. I looked really silly and laughing the whole time. I hit and missed. I let the ball rolled on the greens when I was supposed to be swinging high beautifully. My teacher / colleague was encouraging and my favourite line that he said, “for a first timer, that shot is not good but not bad either,” and it’s an amazing compliment, I’ll take it. Occasionaly he boosts my confidence by exclaiming, “good shot!”

The funny part is I wingle like a telly tubby instead of swinging my whole body the golfer way. It will definitely takes practise and dedication to get it right. The xbox game has nothing compared to the real one. Hitting the white shinny precious ball wasn’t easy as I was hoping for, but my thought is if others can then I can surely learn it.

The people who were there was inspiring. A father and son was amazing hitting the balls so high and even racing. It was actually a great source of experience. The sound of the club hitting the ball, seeing it fly in the air and drop in the greens is a whole set of a beautiful scene.

The weather is getting better in Dubai so being outdoor in the evening is just amazing. It truly was a great way to start the weekend and I was able to share it with my sissy who I asked to tag along. My sissy was a better first time golfer than I am and I am so proud of her.

First time experience is always nice. I am grateful for the invitation. I had fun! 🙂

[1: 376 of 10,000] Friday Night

In Article on September 25, 2011 at 11:22 AM

I have not tasted a good Guacamole so my sister and I searched on Youtube on how to make one and that all started our Friday Night. We went to Spinneys Supermarket to buy the ingredients and tweaked the quantities according on how we like it such as more tomatoes (we should have made Salsa huh, maybe next Friday) and mild chili. It looked okay right but to be honest I didn’t like the taste, now I want to go to a nice Mexican restaurant who serves Guacamole for comparison’s sake. 😀

We also have some other cheese chips, movie, cranberry vodka mix and the Friday Night was rocking!