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[1: 1,613 of 10,000] The Car In Front Of Me

In Article on October 8, 2015 at 11:59 PM

Research project Traffic Jam and Queuing Assistant - deactivation signal because of missing road markings (10/2010)

I feel comfort when the car ahead of me is small (I prefer driving easily-parkable-cars like Mini Cooper or Ford Figo) rather than big vehicles but then it causes me anxiety when I’m following a 4×4 or trucks because I wanted to see what the driver exactly in front of me sees.

Was that the control freak inside of me? Don’t I trust the judgment of the man in front of me? Am I mere obsessing to see what’s ahead? Or would I like to be the second eye for my safety and of the cars around me? The answer is a little bit of all.

I could really sense my worry when a big car is in front of me and I couldn’t see what’s going on. I get annoyed when the car ahead hits the break in an instant halt all the time without giving enough room to break smoothly, which then causes me to abruptly stop that causes inconvenience to the car behind me (then domino effect); in a way too it reflects my bad judgment and I don’t like to go there.

With this post alone, I could reflect that I have to go back in relaxing. Not to mind what others think of me as long as I make sure I drive safely for everyone’s benefit. I have to not succumb to road rage. But if there one thing I mutter religiously when the panic starts, “Archangel Michael please keep us all motorists safe and enjoy the journey.”