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[1: 1,624 of 10,000] My Fortune Cookie Speaks Of The Past

In Journal on October 19, 2015 at 11:29 PM

Fortune Cookie

I had dinner with colleagues last night and my fortune cookie says “I should not forget the lessons from the past.” It made me smirk ever since I was so focused about living in the present.

After much contemplation, especially when the most senior in the group commented that it’s nice, it made me wonder why couldn’t I see the beauty of the wisdom? Am I trying so hard of starting over that I am beginning to forget about my past? Or have I reached the peace of living in the present that I brush off dwelling intently on the past?

Nothing in this world is coincidence, there are reasons why I kept getting messages because it is what I’ve been sending out or subconsciously seeking.  Yay cookie talk!