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[1: 1,768 of 10,000] Serene Friday

In Article on July 29, 2016 at 1:40 PM


It’s almost one in the afternoon and my neighbourhood in Dubai Investment Park 2 is so quiet, heck even my neighbours in the building is going about their lives quietly. I am at peace drinking my instant Nescafe coffee, which is not bad at all.

I love weekends! It is specially rewarding that I have checked necessary personal items like understanding my investments, resolving the stocks that I couldn’t transfer, and still to buy a mutual fund. It was good to clean up my mailbox and read interesting articles from inspiring Derek Sivers, Ivanka Trump and company writing about women at work, and Dr. Guy Winch on psychology. It is fascinating to watch documentary about chefs called Chef’s Table on Netflix. I am continuing to read the book about Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar too.

Friday is the first day of the weekend when I am supposed to not think about work but see on how I can enrich my life better; but if I set a distinct line between my work and personal life, it doesn’t feel right but will only be expected if I hated my job. Slowly but surely, my job is starting to grow in me with a different way like I can make a difference and that it is making me feel very hopeful, working with love, and giving my very best. All because yesterday I feel sick, weak, dying, and I can capitalise on that.