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[1: 1,835 of 10,000] Christmas From An Independent Woman

In Journal on December 25, 2016 at 7:15 AM


Christmas is because of the beautiful birth of men’s savior Jesus. God so love the world that He gave His only Son to become human.

In my own way I’ve got to spent it with my sister, greeted my relatives and friends abroad via Facebook, prepared a feast, open presents, laughing out loud and tearing up watching old Christmas movies, and above all remember how blessed I am that I am purely love, unconditionally by God.

May this day be as magical as you’ve never expected to enjoy the fantastic surprises! Don’t look at the imperfections, or the plans that didn’t go well, be at peace and let it be. Enjoy the moments because it’s only the eve and the whole Christmas Day that we get to be festive and have reasons to be in touch with everyone with extra good cheers then we wait for another 364 days to pass.

I did have my boundaries and intend to have things the way I’ve wanted but for this Christmas I pray love for everyone without any walls but simply spreading good intentions.

Have a very merry Christmas! 😉



[1: 1,688 of 10,000] What Are Your Emotional Investments?

In Article on February 13, 2016 at 9:42 AM


Emotional Investment

I realised that I was unhappy few months back and then I finally learn from someone that I failed to invest time and effort to establish good relationship with my family and friends or building new relationship intentionally.

All I have to do is pick-up the phone, send out messages, plan a get together, and make the intentions and efforts to connect with others to have a meaningful long-lasting relationship that is based on love, growth, discovering life’s delight and creating memories.

It has always been up to me to make the investment, to take the initiative, and make the leap that unless I take action to keep the great communication flowing. I’m glad it wasn’t too late and to keep confining myself to loneliness and being alone; I am grateful.

Don’t be lazy and shy, go on, make the move to start something with your family, friends, and neighbors. Have fun! 🙂

[1: 1,395 of 10,000] Sending Postcards from Paris

In Journal on January 24, 2015 at 4:48 PM

Paris PostcardsIn this modern age, sending a quick message via social media or email is indeed convenient; but I thought writing on a postcard and using the snail mail, would be a perfect way to remind my loved ones that I wish them a fabulous 2015 and adding a flare of elegance by sending it all the way from France.

I pour my heart out, trying to compose the message without making a mistake, I couldn’t use backspace key can’t I, and trying to really stay awake as I made sure they are ready before I check-out from the hotel. It is worth mentioning that the concierge from Orly Hilton Hotel was amazingly generous of his time and kind of his assistance to take care of my mails that were destined to reach America, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines.

I never sent a postcard in my life, so doing it at the height of modern time, is a classy timing! My friends was happy with the surprise. They appreciate the beauty of an actual paper, a postman, and a handwritten note. They found it sweet and truly thoughtful.

So, send a postcard too!

Photo: That was me at the street of Paris picking just the right artistic card for my loved ones. The weather was fine at 5 degrees celsius.

[1: 786 of 10,000] P.F. Chang’s To Kick Off My Weekend

In Journal on October 4, 2012 at 11:59 PM

A great couple who we consider a wonderful family friend visited Dubai and they treated my sissies and I with P.F. Chang’s! Do we look so orphany? I think we are lovable and it is an honor for them to get our super attention.

I’ve eaten quite a lot of fried rice FOR DINNER (so crazy but really worth it because it’s super delicious), some marinated duck, refreshing chicken lettuce wrap, and dynamite shrimps and scallops. The feast was loaded with family stories and catching up.

I have a great time and to open my blog and see an amazing The Liebster Blog Award from fellow blogger Bardicblogger made it a perfect day!

I love weekend. 🙂

Photo Source: Hooray For Everything

[1: 653 of 10,000] I Don’t Know My Friends Anymore

In Journal on June 10, 2012 at 10:30 PM

I have not seen my friends for 2 years and when I met them for get together I don’t seem to know how to fit myself in their circle anymore. The only person who made me comfortable was the person who I still keep in touch with through email. Distance and non-communication can established gap and it doesn’t feel nice. I have to change that and start typing emails regularly. It can be done.

People change or I was just vulnerable and sensitive at that time. I guess both.

[1: 648 of 10,000] Being Half Chinese & Balikbayan In The Philippines

In Journal on June 6, 2012 at 2:00 AM

I heard stories from pure Filipinos who are either working or living abroad that once they go back in the Philippines they are expected to treat the whole community.

Being half Chinese and half Filipino by blood and growing up with mixed cultures too; I have certainly have a different experience and it is having families and friends treating me with so much food. To give you an example, below was the feast served in one of the dinners.

The Famous Lechon (Roasted Pig)

[1: 457 of 10,000] The Secret Behind Why Women Shop With Friend/s

In Article on December 1, 2011 at 11:58 PM

There were several psychological explanations on why women shop with someone from they needed validation, admiration, opinion, or simply clueless that they bring someone in the wheel to keep things rolling and to find the perfect clothes.

Although shopping today with my family gave me an AHA moment on a simple reason.

It was an obvious reason that women can figure it out. Compared to men they will most likely don’t need a companion because of this reason.

Here is what happened early today. I went to the fitting room alone to try dresses only to find out that they have long zippers at the back that require very flexible hands to close it. It hits me; I got to call my sissy to help me zip my dress. I can’t see the beauty of the dress on me unless it is properly zip. It hurts unzipping alone too – I do get muscle cramps attempting to do it alone sometimes.

The simple reason is “convenience” and doesn’t necessarily end with seeking someone’s opinion or whatever psychological explanations; somehow at the end of the day I buy the clothes that makes ME feel good.

Side note: Man’s clothes don’t require zipping or tying at the back or side.

Ladies, would you agree about the simplest reason? 😉