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[1: 1,336 of 10,000] Building an Ikea Blue Chest of 2 Drawers

In Article on August 10, 2014 at 1:03 AM

I don’t like puzzle but I like furnitures. My sissy and I got a blue chest of 2 drawers from Ikea and attempted to build it ourselves. It looked like a chest of 2 drawers isn’t it proven by the photo below and I can’t believe we were really able to put it together after looking at the instruction, screwing, and there was even hammering of baby nails involved.

I am not very patient so I don’t think I would agree on building another cabinet by myself in the future. As I’ve said, I hated puzzle but with the presence of my industrial designer sister I was willing to do it with her. I am glad it went well and we didn’t need to disassemble the whole thing and reassemble; although at some point, the lower drawer almost didn’t work.


[1: 1,334 of 10,000] The Prettiest Home’s Office Chair

In Review on August 9, 2014 at 11:32 PM

I bought all the appliances into our new apartment so I insisted that my sissy got to buy the cutest home office chair for herself. We were supposed to share the home office desk but for some reason, her iMac and our printer fit perfectly, that I no longer have a place. I am now typing from our kitchen counter but I don’t mind because I love seeing her West Elm Saddle Office Chair, which is such a beauty and aside for being chic it is also super comfy.

West Elm Saddle Office Chair