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[1: 1,997 of 10,000] Making 2021 Plans

In Journal on October 10, 2020 at 9:36 AM
I was in a US trip late of 2019 and in my first visit at The Met I couldn’t resist getting these two babies. Like any refine adult, The Met was calling the planner, an “Engagement Book,” oh but of course! I’m honestly using both for different purpose.

In 2020, I have four calendars and a diary planner (or engagement book). I planned 2020 with three personal international trips and I’m grateful that I was able to complete at least one beginning of the year before the global pandemic kicked in with the memorable lock down.

There were memes saying having a calendar for 2020 was useless because all of our original plans are crossed out or moved online. Instead of struggling to fight for it, I’ve been flexible to create new ones, new priorities and new experience. The locked down gave me and my girlfriends who are in different parts of the world more Zoom bonding time. I was forced to make personal video messages for wedding and birthday celebrations. We have to adapt with the changing world and I strongly believe that it can only get better from here. We were taken out of our comfort zone or from our zombie going with the flow without intention, and the pandemic gave us new dreams of connecting. The empath in me did enjoy the work at home times but even I need to experience social interaction or I would be like a plant wittering without sunshine and water.

At the final quarter of the year, I’m starting to make plans for 2021. I’ve booked an online appointment for February 8 and it’s making me giddy and couldn’t wait. This got me pretty excited to buy a new 2021 planner too! I always have different planners every year and buying a new one is a real treat. I’m not a shopaholic, I promise!

New experience makes me feel alive. Doing things for the first time makes me feel like a real human being enjoying a human experience.

How about you? Have you made plans for 2021?

[1: 1,832 of 10,000] Not A Decade Late

In Journal on December 12, 2016 at 11:09 AM


No one can really tell what the future holds, we can only taste the essence of love and hope, but beyond that the details are unknown.

It will never be my right to judge the decision of people today because the future can only tell if it was meant to be.

So zip it Yor, it’s the last time you’ll ever question the birth of your nephew. No more why now and not later? Let it be.

[1: 1,737 of 10,000] Why History Repeats Itself

In Article on June 29, 2016 at 10:36 PM


We heard this line for so many times, history repeats itself.

Yes, we tend to repeat things that made us feel good, gave us a rush, or avoid things that burnt us, hurt us. We make decisions based on how we grew up, got exposed to, and it is really difficult to know if something tend to be wrong when we’ve never knew it isn’t in the first place.

Collective notion doesn’t always mean it’s the right way forward; nor because it is different from everybody else makes it interestingly and eventually correct. So where do we play and how do we play?

I don’t know. The world and human beings are continuously evolving. We’ve seen members of our family failed big time, we repeat some, and we learnt so hard we overcome and lead to the opposite direction. We saw success and we follow through, repeat what truly works.

Right now, I get consoled with the idea that after going through pain comes a stronger person. I am grateful that there is something I can smile about and admire for its beauty. And I pray that I may have the wisdom to learn and act with love.

[1: 1,629 of 10,000] Soul Reading Extravaganza

In Journal on October 24, 2015 at 10:56 PM

A1 103.tif

I met a woman who does soul reading. We have an appointment to connect for an hour. I was excited but when we started and she’s looking through my eyes directly, I got scared that she would see my deepest desires and secrets.

I was hoping to find out what my future holds and to find out if I have removed the blockage that seems to stop my launch.

She was spot on that I lack confidence. She saw my young self who wasn’t validated and given permission to express herself. I grew up to be sensitive as my father who could feel everybody and could turn out to be very overwhelmed. My father was there communicating through her and we’ve said our sorrys, me for not seeing him and he for not being strong as I have hoped him to be.

I was sobbing and I couldn’t believe there were so much emotions that I’ve hidden. On a regular day, I know that I am not contained by the past because I was at peace about it, but going back and remembering how I have to make it work makes me remember how painful it was. Sharing this experience right now doesn’t trigger tears and I wonder how could I’ve been so vulnerable last night with an audience.

She saw me having a son in the horizon. I am going to have a son with the qualities of my father. I am not ready right now to be in a commitment and have a family of my own, I am still indifferent.

[1: 1,618 of 10,000] It’s Not The End

In Article on October 13, 2015 at 6:37 AM

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I am enjoying my work and I know that I am part of the company because I wanted to be of service, help them grow their business, and help the patients. Whenever I feel very scared, I go back to who is this really for? I refocus the real beneficiaries, the patients, the achievement of a great work, and friendly camaraderie amongts colleagues. My office knows how to really work and have fun after. I am still trying to relax during the having fun after because I don’t know how to mingle with people for small talks. Key I’ve read is be interested with others, ask questions about themselves, and fortunately be in a group with the guy who can tell a good funny story.

I initially couldn’t find any flaws in the company I joined and as I get to know everybody, I start seeing the cracks and see the challenges that emerge. I am not judging, I know that every challenge is a reflection of something, it has a root problem, and it shouldn’t be faced with pride but with openness to check why was the reaction that way and what can be done next.

There are more to learn and I still need to prove myself worthy of their trust. The person I am replacing is still with the company and they adore her, I couldn’t possibly blame them because I’ve been treated the same way before. I know exactly how it feels when everybody relies on you for security, support, and they knew you can be trusted. I know that I really don’t need to impress them but in a way I should until they are comfortable that I can manage and with my special touch that is probably different the way it has always been done because I do have my own unique touch on things.

I am going to offer my best for this company, I am grateful that I am generously compensated on a range that’s more than the average market pay, I see the potential of growing professionally in the organisation, and yet I know in my heart that this is not the end. I don’t see myself being an employee for the rest of my life, I could picture growing old as a mentor, a business consultant, and an author but not an employee who grins and will wait for her monthly pay. I am ambitious, and I know that I am soaking all the learnings that I can while I make sure that my work will eventually contribute to the welfare of another person.

[1: 1,565 of 10,000] Yay! No More Daily Horoscope For Me

In Article on August 21, 2015 at 11:12 AM


I am over over Daily Horoscope. I noticed that whenever I get rattled and anxious about what the future holds, I rely on psychics or the less cheaper way to predict the future which is keep reading the daily horoscope!

I know it is pointless to fill my head with several futuristic WOULD BEs or POSSIBLY BEs and get all attached. How can several sentences predict my feelings, good omens, and crazy warnings if there are so many Geminis in the world and couldn’t all be sharing the same future? I am just putting myself into desperation and disappointment if what I am hoping for aren’t what I read or the prediction didn’t come true.

What made me stopped? I was too busy living things that I enjoy and working on things that would benefit my future self. I am being present to love my life right now that I am at peace not to worry about tomorrow. My well thought of actions today definitely contribute to a great tomorrow.

I am so grateful leaving one dependency and unnecessary time out of the picture. It is such freedom that I will create my own horoscope, which goes something like this –

Someone is crazy about you today (God). Your cheeks will be kissed with undeniable warmth (by the sun). You will be amazing sharing your talent (blogging daily and occasionally giving piece of wisdom at Quora or selected Online Groups). Your heart is full of good intentions and joy. You are surrounded with family and friends no matter what the distance may be. Your tummy will be full and your body will be refreshed (with water and new lessons learned from articles, books, videos, and others). The day ends with pure bliss and peace (sleeping on my very own bed in my cozy home). And the best surprise is yet to come.

[1: 1,442 of 10,000] Trust Instead Of Worry

In Journal on April 20, 2015 at 4:50 PM

flying woman

I’m psyching myself to TRUST the good and everything will be all right instead of worrying. But TRUST isn’t the last thing I have to keep in mind, I have to do something now to not worry. If I’m planning to sleep the whole day again without making anything beneficial that would change my status; then I could go ahead and worry my whole life.

I finally understood why I started to become stagnant, I was too busy focusing on where I got hurt instead of focusing that if I keep doing the good thing, no matter what my own fear is insisting, I will arrive to my destination sooner, well better than the current sleazy couch potato. I am not lazy but simply not motivated enough. Although not entirely hard on myself, I have been having strange sleeping patterns, so whenever I get the chance that sleep calls on me, I give in, I do know that there were so many nights that I need to catch up!

I got up this morning, rested from a good night sleep, and I am telling myself, if I wanted to be miserable, I could kill myself now. Funny thing is I know I don’t know when will I die, I certainly find the lunacy or even the cowardice to kill myself… I just know that every time I go to bed at night, I will wake up the following day and I do hope that I get to live and I choose to kick-ass.

I no longer want to go to bed thinking I have regrets, that I have not fully lived my life and I came short. I will not let my sorry-ass rule my mind and control my soul to oblivion. It’s a new Monday morning, it’s a marvellous day to shake things up! Not to dwell on the pass, but living now!

Words are easier to type but if you could hear my heart that is about to burst into sobs again, you’ll find it sad. I know that I no longer have time for sad, I do however should entertain challenge. I let myself cry but after awhile I get sick of my crying self and I must eventually surrender to a glass of water, calming myself, forgive myself and say it’s time to get those hands dirty.

[1: 1,433 of 10,000] Love Letter For My Future Husband

In Letter on April 9, 2015 at 8:54 AM


My Charming Prince,

To live is to be grateful of NOW and right now I say “I love you” with all my heart exploding with so much love.

I picked a song for my feelings about you, fresh feeling, where everything is easy and I couldn’t imagine how can this be so magical. You hold my hands and we are both at peace, and just those loving stares we don’t need to speak. I love how you smell, like the fresh morning dew and I love kissing you!

You cast all my fears, I am grateful of now, because I am with you. So, you were the gentleman I have saved my forever, my coveted loyalty for the truest lifetime commitment. You are worth it.

You will never break my heart, because every time I breathe your love, my heart multiplies. My love tank is overflowing I got so much to save me for those days that we might need to adjust, to find the right voice, to touch one another in certain ways, but the respect will always be there.

Thank you that we can be naked and still love all our own wounds. Thank you that we are taking a leap of faith that there is no other way to live but with everything about us joint. We would even love our life with our children, who will have our love instilled in them, making them such beautiful human beings. Sex became even more rewarding for producing beautiful offsprings.

You know that I love words. You know that I love reassurance. You know that I love actions. You know that I love you and I will live every single day reassuring you too because I am in you and you are in me.


[1: 1,282 of 10,000] August: Osage County on Future

In Article on January 25, 2014 at 11:54 AM

‘Thank God we can’t tell the future. We’d never get out of bed.’
~August: Osage County


It is easy to be comfortable. To repeat the exact same life all over even if it is supposed to be a different day. Tracy Letts was actually right in saying not knowing the future should be a perfect enough reason that we get up and find out what in store for us or what are we supposed to create. We should not wait for the right timing to start a marvellous shift because every morning that the sun rises it gives a restart no matter how busted you think your life is.

I am obsessed in knowing the future. I am desperate to find assurance that I would be fine. I am looking for the window that whatever excruciating madness I am in is just temporary. Hearing Tracy’s words, it is encouraging me to be brave to live in the present. I once laid out plans for 5 years and honestly it made be squirmed of boredom; thinking so this is it? I know exactly how I’d turn out? I probably laid out the wrong plan, or it wasn’t meaningful enough!!

It should be comforting that we can live a life that we want if we really really want it so badly. It should be more than enough comfort too that God will always be there every single step, watching, guiding, directing, and definitely letting us fall to learn to get up gracefully. Life is full of wonders, let us stop and witness it and be part of making it.

What are you thanking God for that you don’t know now? Me, my current broken heart, and how it’ll get fixed may be one day.

[1: 423 of 10,000] My Imaginary Grown-up Twins

In Journal on November 1, 2011 at 6:43 PM

Scott Berkun inspired this post when he asked: What do you hope your kids will say about you when they’re adults?

Raising children is a big responsibility, not having a husband and a child right now, makes me imagine how I will guide a human being in this world let alone twins (I have fascination about twins because I don’t want a child to grow up alone plus I sort of grew up with a twin sibling because our gap is only 11 months).

Pondering on the idea, here are Top 10 things that my all grown-up children will vouch about me Read the rest of this entry »