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[1: 1,695 of 10,000] Eat The Berries

In Article on March 18, 2016 at 9:23 AM

A scene from the movie “Hunger Games”

A clairvoyant felt Robbie Williams and he relayed that he chose to end his life than to be unable to function normally due to his new found illness. He have eaten the berries.

Is illness a valid excuse to end one’s life? Is there really a valid reason why we should end one’s life? Yes, killing someone who is causing havoc and extreme nuisance to the society is the easiest and cowardest way to diminish a problem man. On the otherhand, is death, whatever the means, is really the answer that one’s part in the play of life has ended?

Our birth wasn’t our choice, why? Because we have a purpose in this lifetime.

Is death the time to leave the stage, take a bow, whatever the means of that exit?

May we always have the (1) energy and the enthusiasm to feel alive, (2) be useful in this world, and being joyful doing both.

[1: 1,474 of 10,000] My Best Gift

In Article on May 22, 2015 at 12:29 PM


I got you the best gift!


I love you.

And because I love you I will give you just what I think is perfect for you but probably will never be perfect enough as you.

You know the place where fantasy and dream collide, I’m giving just that.

Right before you end a smile, you start another one, with the explosion of surprises I’ve stored for you.

I’ll melt your heart just to make it expand even bigger than it already is.

We’ll laugh like kids all night, grateful for our life and the true love that we share.

The only tears I’ll let your eyes drop are out of joy.

In time when things are hard, I’ll be here, I’m not going anywhere, we’ll sort it together, and enjoy the challenge.

I love you.

As sweet as your favourite chocolate or even more.

As deep as the ocean or even more.

As far as the moon or even more.

I love you without hesitations, without limitations, without conditions.

BAE I love you.

[1: 1,388 of 10,000] How’s Your Christmas Day?

In Journal on December 28, 2014 at 1:55 AM

Happy Christmas!

I hope you celebrated the day without forgetting who’s day was it. My sissy and I got HIM a cake with a blue ombre icing, I hope HE loves it. To make the day meaningful, we did something for the first time. My sissy recently learned how to bake chocolate cookies and chocolate crinkles. On the night of the 24th, she made hundreds and we packed it.

Christmas Day 2014

By 12:52 AM, we drive to Rashid Hospital, greeted people “Merry Christmas” and distributed the freshly baked sweet goodies to the Nurses, Doctors, Admin, Cashier, and Security Guard. Everybody was smiling and surprised with the act, some wondered who we are, the story was a bit long but we simply answered we wanted to spread the spirit of Christmas.

The real story. When my mom was alive (diagnosed with colorectal cancer), there was one day where she kept fainting and she doesn’t even realised it was happening. We called the ambulance (even to her insistence that we shouldn’t), and they sent her to Rashid Hospital. The doctors and nurses kept my mom alive overnight and we didn’t pay a dime. I feel like I just have to give back to the great doctors and nurses even my mom is no longer with us, that overnight survival was enough day for us to spend a little bit more time with my mom.

I went to the office on Christmas Day too (being in a Muslim country with a Muslim boss, Christmas is really not a declared holiday), which I didn’t mind because I was excited to bring freshly baked blueberry muffins to my officemates and a sincere Christmas Card for each telling them what am thankful for and how they inspire me.

After office, I rushed to the mall and bought my my wonderful baby sissy a Christmas gift. It was a rushed gift but a Tiffany bracelet will never fail to make her smile. Then we went for a late lunch and I had the most amazing steak at Soho Grill Dubai, I might be very hungry but they do have delicious food.

I am grateful that I have this Christmas to say Happy Birthday to Jesus. I am grateful that I have my sisters who I love and love me back sincerely. I am grateful for having friends though miles away warms my heart whenever we chat and remember one another. I am happy that this Christmas was more than just me, I do hope it was focused to being truly grateful and recognised the kindness and love for strangers.

It was really a wonderful Christmas.

[1: 526 of 10,000] Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

In Photo on January 28, 2012 at 9:50 AM

In every gift that we give or receive, we hope that it is loved.