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[1: 1,791 of 10,000] Beauty Is Everywhere And It Comes With A Responsibility

In Article on November 3, 2016 at 5:17 AM



I marvel on how beautiful our mother nature is but after watching “Before The Flood” documentary on top of what I still remember “The Inconvenient Truth,” it is quite alarming how we have to start taking responsibility seriously. The same as our beautiful complex and well-oiled human body, the Earth was equipped with its self-correcting mechanism to keep the balance, but the moment that the unmindful excesses start to play then we are contributing to the problem because it could no longer keep up naturally.

It is a cliche to use these statements… “We have to think about the future generation or possibly our grandchildren in the future. Are we willing to let them inherit a spoiled home?”

We have to search for our conscience and must not pass through this Earth without leaving it as a marvelous  livable home for the future men. Let us help in eliminating pollution, let us be an active participant to a sustainable lifestyle. Men are bright and we got to use our intellect and creativity to a good use.