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[1: 1,494 of 10,000] The Person I Need To Let Go

In Journal on June 11, 2015 at 4:39 PM

I am a person with the greatest talent for detachment when I don’t want someone or something anymore but for the first time there is one person that nags me. I don’t like to create a story for something that is isn’t but could he possibly be my greatest demon? Did I nurture him and now I couldn’t let go despite the fact that he’s spitting on my face (not literally of course).

Was he a project that I should properly resolve? Or is it just me who is trying to connect so hard for a chain that was never there in the beginning. I couldn’t possibly meet all the people in the world then this one person should not matter, and yet this one person holds a place in me. I find that very weird, almost disturbing, because it’s a new experience.

This is probably one of my mysteries, which I am excited to figure out someday. Right now, I could no longer entertain any memories, thoughts, and hopes that my relationship with him is anything that what it already is, THE PAST.

Happily let go Yor, it’s okay, the lesson that you were supposed to acquire was done. There were too much hurting, both deceits and betrayals, it is not worth keeping it.

Let Go

[1: 1,432 of 10,000] No Need For Good Bye

In Poem on April 9, 2015 at 8:17 AM

Good Bye
is not necessary

There ain’t
forgetting memories anyway

Words were already typed
let us as well make our own conclusions

We didn’t really want to meet
because we’re both afraid of exploring our feelings

One day we’ll cross path
in an unexpected way

May it be the day
when we only remember the good

So no au revoir
Just uhm nothing

Silence is good
It gives our hearts peace